Big City Blues (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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SELL THE BLONDELLLINDE HEY WENT PLACES : THEY WENT TO THE D ND DID THINGS! ...a front page mur¢ night clubs ... . wild : A Night hubs c. thrills . . . . exciteme . \ A speakeasies . . . mur: eee, Seas | der trials . . . wild ee es ayer ene sn eS ee wild delirious love drama o women... EVERY eee the big city as t ff. i this e Spee ier fase 2 Joan Blondell’s Sauciness mane of oo eae and Wisecracking Have g who ‘ come dt Made Her Hollywood’s Most Poular Star green kid from the stick In Joan Blondell you’ve got a star that women adore and men flock to see on the screen. Her appeal to all audiences because of her naturalness, her . charm and great wise-cracking, has never been greater than it is in ‘‘Big City Blues.’ The role was made to order for her, and it will pay you to splash her name in all your billing and advertising. Right now, she is more popular than ever before. She has been climbing steadily and her recent pictures, such as “The Crowd Roars,”’ and ‘‘Miss Pinkerton,’ have stamped her as one of the best and most popular stars of the day. CAMEO. «x Cut No.10 Cut and Guy Kibbee, Walter Catlett, Josephine Dunn. A Warner Bros. Picture. They Lived a Lifetime in. # 2 They Danced to the ¢ % of They Went Places: re sk They Went to the De * ss It’s Swee * 38 The Low-Down Tale of a Blonde N . 1K os It Took a Low-Down Blonde to Cy *% a rat — JOAN ERIC BLONDELL and LINDEN 99 Young Lovers of “Crowd Roars in Another Warner Bros. Hit a) OR PHEUM."ow Young Love On a Spree in the * i Innocents Caught in the Cut No.2 Out20¢ Mat 5c The Story of Women Who Ww 0. # Ul w f x Exciting Young Lovers of “The : Anoth The low-down tale of Es eager Your Advertis* wrong” : ° Held Together By a Love That ing Campaign Is ? Not Complete Unless You Use Faster Than Fast Romance of Count se The OFFICIAL VITAPHONE TRAILER Delirious Love Drama of a Hare Kid From aH It’s the Mad, Mad Ball: A Warner Bros. Hit. STRAN A7th St. & Broadway ———— Cut No.8 Cut 20¢ Mat 5c Page Six