Big City Blues (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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DISTINC FINE SET Exciting young stars of ‘The Crowd Roars’? teamed together for another Warner thrill-hit! With Walter Catlett, Josephine Dunn. STARTS TODAY I P.M. Cut No. 15 Cut 60¢ quey LIVED A Lire giGHT MAD Houn;s A chorus girl and a country kid dragged into a front-page murder case! .. . Swept into a turmoil of amazing events! Held together by a love that can never be consummated. In the wildest, most delirious drama of the big city every filmed! TIME IN Forty. You'll love them! — Young sweethearts of “The Crowd Roars” in another Warner Bros. thrill-hit. With Guy Kibbee, Walter Catlett, Evalyn Knapp. SECO CUCULUCCULECULCCO COCO CUU CCU OMUCUESDUNUOELUODAECESEEOUR EC RSUCTAUAE EEUU EOC STANTON ANOSNSHOLONANOVEADOUEOGARESUAHOUGNUONTEAGCUTOA UOTE ROCOCEAN COTTCHTOEOOOUAERUATEERACEOON CRUD RECUE ELUTE EEE OOPDULUAAALE EAU ee Cut 40e ‘Mat 10c Cut No. 13 IVE ART MARKS OF ADS A show girl bored with life and a kid from the sticks eager for it ... thrown together by the city’s mad rhythm. Follow their wild search for new thrills and excitement! Get everything the metropolis has to offer in the first picture that actually catches its delirious pace! Mat 15c¢ TO THE CITY'S MAD RHYTHM! JOAN BLONDELL =< LINDEN : : in BL U E = : Warner Bros. amazing picture of an amazing = With Guy Kibbeec, Walter Catlett, . THEY DANCED ... See what happens when young love goes on a spree in the jazz jungle of the metropolis! Do they pay the piper? Or. do they beat the game! ALL THIS WEEK OHIO Cut No. 14 Out 40c Mat10c Page Five