Big City Blues (Warner Bros.) (1932)

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INFORMATION PACE “BIG CITY BLUES” OFFERS STRONG SALES ANGLES In order to get the most out of “BIG CITY BLUES,” Seli— JOAN BLONDELL, as she appears in Warner Bros.’ “Big City Blues.” Cut No.18 Cuti15e Mat 5e Bud Reeves has inherited $1100 from a relative’s estate. Struck with the thought of the glamour of New York, he leaves his home town in Indiana and makes his way there, intent upon capturing a future and seeing life at one and the same time. Bud engages an $8 a day room at a hotel, and ‘‘do the town’’ with his C01 sin Gibbony—a n?? by chorus girls—and an after-supper brawl in Bud’s ‘Tooni-one of the girls a champ* “~~Jof_ the tesa i pe ~< bottle Warner Bros. Pictures, Ine. presents “BIG CITY BLUES’’ THE STORY ‘sprung up between’ Vida and Bi No. 1.—JOAN BLONDELL and ERIC LINDEN, a great combination of red hot screen favorites, who scored such a big hit together in ‘‘The Crowd Roars.” Joan Blondell’s consistently fine work has won her a tremendous following. She is today one of Hollywood’s finest box office bets. No. 2—JOAN BLONDELL’S ROLE as a wise chorus girl, is just the kind people love to see her play. As a wise-cracking, hard-boiled show girl who has gone through the mill and knows all the answers, she is sure to win millions of new admirers with her current sympathetic role. YOU CAN’T GO TOO STRONG ON BLONDELL! No. 3—THE STORY HAS REAL SIGNIFICANCE. It is a heart-tugging story of the teeming, pulsating Metropolis, written by one of the shrewdest observers of big city life, Ward Morehouse, the N. Y. Sun’s celebrated columnist. SELL IT AS A STORY SO REAL THAT IT MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED TO YOU! No. 4—THE SUPPORTING CAST is a POWERFUL ONE. Guy Kibbee, Grant Mitchell, Lyle Talbot, Josephine Dunn, Walter Catlett, Thomas Jackson and Ned Sparks have each a large following. IT WILL PAY YOU TO GIVE THE CAST A STRONG PLUG. No. 3—THE COMEDY.—1In addition to the serious, dramatic underlying thought, the pic ture contains a riot of sparkling comedy. In the speakeasy he meets up with the chum of the murdered chorus girl —a hard type named Vida. A detective recognizes her, and arrests both for the murder of Vida’s girlfriend. There follows a third degree of ‘Bud and Vida at police headquarters. This leads to a rounding-up of. a the members present at the night of the murder—with tl that the murderer is discovere cide. tt Re Ne ees ; Meanwhile, .a real friends ‘sans Bud money q x che . @mr—r-trre—azt... vOwn Whe¥e =z ~ ‘ * a3 ee oF 7 “9 Z was «| orn, he real’zes he cannot q P + oe fe ek ee gee iy ed sive wi ida. Rl ae es he 5 ss Ps with Joan Blondell Erie Linden Jobyna Howland—Guy Kibbee—Evalyn Knapp Directed by Mervyn LeRoy A Warner Bros. and Vitaphone Picture 85% 70% 10% 20% 40% SCREEN RECORDS JOAN BLONDELL—‘‘ Office Wife,’’ ‘(Sinners —~ Toliday,’ 7 Taxi,”? ‘‘Night Nurse,’’?’ ‘‘Union Depot,’’. ‘Blonde -°Crazy,’’= *“The Famous Ferguson Case,’’ ‘‘The Crowd Roars,’’ ‘‘ Miss Pinkerton,’’ ‘Big City .Blues.’” ERIC LINDEN—‘‘Are These Our Children?’’, ‘‘Young Bride,’’ ‘‘The Roadhouse Murder,’’ ‘‘The Crowd Roars,’’ ‘‘Big City Blues.’’ INEZ COURTNEY—‘‘Song of the Flame,’’ ‘‘Loose Ankles,’’ ‘‘ Not Damaged,’’ ‘‘Sunny,’’ ‘‘Bright Lights,’’ ‘‘Hot Heiress,’’ ‘‘Big City Blues.’’ WALTER CATLETT — ‘‘Front Page,’’ ‘‘Palmy Days,’’ ‘‘Platinum Blonde,’’ ‘‘The Expert,’’ “‘Tt’s Tough To Be Famous,’’ ‘¢Maker of Men.’’ GUY KIBBEE — ‘‘Union Depot,’’ ‘‘High Pressure,’’?’ ‘‘The Crowd Roars,’’ ‘‘Man Wanted,’’ ‘‘Fireman Save My Child,’’ ‘‘ Winner Take All,’’ ‘‘The Mouthpiece,’’ ‘Play Girl,’’ ‘‘So Big,’’ ‘‘Strange Love of Molly Louvain,’’ ‘‘Taxi,’’ ‘‘The Dark Horse,’’ ‘‘Big City Blues.’’ JOBYNA HOWLAND —‘‘Honey,’’ ‘«The Cuckoos,’’ ‘‘Dixiana,’’ ‘‘A ' Page Two Lady’s Morals,’’ ‘‘Soul Kiss,’’ ‘‘Hook, Line and Sinker,’’ ‘‘Stepping Sisters,’’ ‘‘Big City Blues.’’ EVALYN KNAPP—‘‘Sinners’ Holiday,’’ ‘‘ Mothers’ Cry,’’ ‘‘River’s End,’’ ‘‘Smart Money,’’ ‘‘The Millionaire,’’ ‘‘High Pressure,’’ ‘‘Fireman Save My Child,’’ ‘‘A Successful Calamity,’’ ‘‘Big City Blues. ’’ THOMAS JACKSON —‘‘The Fall Guy,’’ ‘Good News,’’ ‘‘For the Defense,’’ ‘‘Little Caesar,” ‘‘Lawless Woman,’’ ‘‘Sweepstakes,’? ‘‘Women Go On Forever,’’ ‘‘Twenty-Four Hours,’’ ‘‘Reckless Living,’’ ‘‘Behind the Mask,’’ ‘‘Big City Blues.’’ GRANT MITCHELL—‘‘The Champion,’?--* “Man -teMan,”’-.f! The Star Witness,’’ ‘‘The Ferguson Case,’’ ‘‘Week-End Marriage,’’ ‘*A Successful Calamity,’’ ‘‘Big City Blues.’’ JOSEPHINE DUNN — ‘‘Safety in Numbers,’’ ‘‘Madonna of _ the Street,’’ ‘‘Second Honeymoon,’’ ‘*Air Police,’’ ‘‘Big City Blues.’’ LYLE TALBOT — ‘‘Love Is a Racket,’’? ‘‘Without Consent,’’ ‘The Purchase Price,’’ ‘‘Big City Blues.’’ We. Carers ee pile b0T Ra ee eg So ee as . pheila I 1 he See ere ea eeeeee a vers ee eS othe PR, 2 Por cae I ; / == of -* & . . sy 1) rrr oe le ty CAST OF CHARACTERS Witte a ee Joan Blondell BGS on een ea ee ee Eric Linden Feu so ee eas Inez Courtney OOF ia ee ee ee Evalyn Knapp Poeun a ee ene Guy Kibbee Day Se ee a Lyle Talbot WOR eh ee eS ...Gloria Shea PMP DUR YS e ne: = ma a ..Walter Catlett eee ee ae: ges.-.....Jobyna Howland Adkins Pie oo Ore x 2... Humphtey Bi oe ear te 3 —" eli eal er sf a ee 2% Set he S35 aes | MS Baggage Master....... a oa Edward Me PRODUCTION STAFF Author en ieee ee ee ee Ward Morehouse Bdaptation: <2! Lillie Hayward and Ward Morehouse PIPROOE oso ee a ee ee Mervyn LeRoy (alueraian = ee James Van Trees ee a ae Anton Grot Se oe ee ee Ray Curtis Art Director Film Editor 5792 Feet 64 Minutes Footage Running Time EVALYN KNAPP, JOAN BLONDELL and ERIC LINDEN together in Warner Bros.’ “Big City Blues,” a picture that reveals the mad workings of a big city. Cut No.16 Out80c Mati10c *