Big Business Girl (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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MAKE YOUR APPEAL FEMININE! HER © r CONTRACTS : WERE S.WAK. She had a marriage contract she couldn’t live up to. Because she had to ‘Love, Honor and Obey” her boss to keep her job. The real lowdown on girls in business! ot BUSINESS GIRL with LORETTA YOUNG FRANK ALBERTSON RICARDO CORTEZ JOAN BLONDELL CAMEO *S. W. A. K. means . . Sealed with a Kiss! Cut No. 14 If It’s Attention You Want Here’s The Ad That Will Get It! Cut 40c, Mat 10c |}in “Naughty But Nice.” “Big Business Girl” Is Discovered By Lucky Absence (Advance Story) Loretta Young, star of First National’s “Big Business Girl,” under the direction of William A. Seiter, probably has one of the most unusual discovery stories of any screen star. When she was five years old she played child roles in pictures and this filled her with an unquenchable ambition to be a screen star. The yen was aggravated by the fact that her two older sisters, Polly Ann Young and Sally Blane, were achieving success. Miss Young was thirteen when her sister Sally finished a role in a picture directed by Mervyn LeRoy. Immediately after it was completed she went on a vacation. LeRoy needed her back for some retakes and she couldn’t be reached. Loretta’s brother, who answered the telephone, told LeRoy she looked very much like Sally and could double for her. Loretta was sumfoned to the studio and LeRoy not only used her but introduced her to Colleen Moore, who gave her a small role As a result First National officials gave Miss Young a long term contract, and she has climbed to stardom through her own ability. The supporting cast in “Big Business Girl’ includes Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell, Dorothy Christy, Nancy Dover, J. C. Nugent and Virginia Sale. It comes to the Theatre next. Embattled Blondes Defy Statement Of Brunette-Defender Director of “Big Business Girl,” Now at Theatre, Praises Brunette Acumen (Advance Story) HER BOSS WANTS TO BE HER HUSBAND HER HUSBAND WANTS TO BE HER BOSS Cut No. 30 Cut 30c, Mat 10c Ricardo Cortez, wants to marry Loretta Young, while her husband Frank Albertson—refuses to listen to her explanation. First National picture, now at the..... In “Big Business Girl’? the eae traie ee eee ae Theatre. Venus of Venus, Texas In “Big Business Girl”’ (Biography as of March 1, 1931) Nancy Dover was born in Venus, Texas, and was educated in the local schools. She studied dancing in Venus and went on the stage there, where she became a local favorite. But such fame did not satisfy her, so she went to Hollywood, arriving there a total stranger. She entered a dancing school in Hollywood and as a result was put in two musical shows in Los Angeles staged by her dancing master. They were “Sunny” and “The Connecticut Yankee.” Following this she was given a When William A. Seiter, who di-| contract to appear in screen come rected Loretta Young in her First dies, and after a series of those National starring vehicle, “Big Busi-| Played in “Scandal,” with Laura La ness Girl,” which comes to the .... -Pheatre2= next, made the statement that brunettes make better business girls than blondes, he expected to find some people who didn’t agree with him. But he did not count on the nationwide protest from blondes, which greeted the publication of his opinion. “IT never thought there were so many blondes in the world,” said Seiter, poring over a stack of fan mail. “It seems to me that every blonde in the country must have read my statement. But I still maintain that brunettes are better business women. “Even my wife, Laura La Plante, who is as blonde as they come, admits that she is no business woman. But, of course, I must except the artificial blonde from my statement. You can’t change a person’s character by making use of colored nail enamel, so why should a change of the color of the hair have any deeper effect than just a change of appearance? “My statement is this: Natural brunettes are better business girls as a general rule, than natural blondes. That’s one reason why Loretta Young is cast in the title role of ‘Big Business Girl’.” Supporting Miss Young are Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell, Frank Darion, Dorothy Christy, Nancy Dover, Oscar Apfel and Virginia Sale. The picture will be extremely interesting to all business girls, whether blonde or brunette, Talkies Shelved Fewer Directors Than Stars (Current Reader) Directors had less trouble surviving the Vitaphone revolution of motion pictures than stars, although many of them dropped from the front rank, according to William A. Seiter, director of “Big Business Girl,” starring Loretta Young for First National, now at the Theatre. The supporting cast includes Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortel, Joan Blondell, Dorothy Christy, Mickey Bennett, Nancy Dover, Frank Darion, Oscar Apfel and Virginia Sale. Plante, and “Dynamite” for Cecil de Mille. Then she returned to comedies temporarily and followed that with the leading role on the Los Angeles stage in “June Moon,” presented by Sam Harris. She then secured a role in “Cimarron” and followed that with “Big Business Girl’ for First National. Ricardo Cortez In “Big Business Girl” (Biography as of March 1, 1931) Ricardo Cortez, who plays the part of the big business man in “Big Business Girl,” the First National picture now at the Theatre, came to New York from Vienna with his parents when three years old. His first job was in a brokerage office. He spent some years on the legitimate stage and then entered pictures. His first cinma part was secured by accident, when an exscutive,mistaking the name of a player he had wanted, sent for Cortez. He won the part on his own, and afterward appeared in many silent pictures. His fine speaking voice aided his success in the talkies. Among his pictures are Phantom in the House,” Zeppelin,” “Montana Moon,” “Her Man-and, “iheit?? Mr. Cortez is six feet one inch tall, weighs one hundred and seventy-five pounds and has black eyes and brown hair. His favorite sports are horseback riding and polo. ATHREE _ TELEPHONE GIRL “Buy me another thousand shares at the market.” ‘Mr. Clayton,call your department heads for a meeting in my office } in an hour.” “Yes, dear, of course I still love you.” FRANK ALBERTSON RICARDO CORTEZ JOAN BLONDELL A First National Vitaphone Production ¢ Directed by WM. SEITER Cut No. 7 Cut 40c, Mat 10c Page Nine