Big Business Girl (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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HERE'S A WOMAN'S _ PICTURE! YOUNG SOPHISTICATE OF SCREEN GIVES SOME REFRESHING VIEWS OF LIFE TO HOLLYWOOD FRIEND Lively Star of “Big Business Girl,” at Theatre, Talks Of Style Slimness and Ambition (Star Feature) Loretta Young, featured in “Big Business Girl,” the First National picture now at the Theatre, likes to speak about “those early days’—she is now eighteen—when she and her two sisters lived under the same roof. Her sisters, Polly Ann Young and Sally Blane, are older than she, and dancing was their big amusement. The beautiful trio were in steady demand for dates. There was always a mad scramble at their home from 6:30 on. The first girl home took the pick of evening gowns, slippers or wraps. The first girl dressed was always the best dressed. You can imagine what happened when they all arrived home at the same time. It was always good fun, and dressing proceeded amid great commotion. It’s no wonder that Hollywood couldn’t tell one sister from another in those days, they looked and dressed so much alike. Loretta wasn’t a girl who grew up as most girls do. She was a little girl, and, suddenly, like Topsy, she was a grown-up. Her childhood was different, too. She worked in pictures when very small, then went to school. Suddenly at the age of thirteen she was dancing and being taken for seventeen. “I never read any of the so-called juvenile books. I plunged right into grown-up ones,” said Loretto, a bit wistfully, “and every once in a while I go back and read one of the books I should have read years ago.” “What do you do,” I said, “to keep that figure that any girl in the world would give a million dollars to possess?” “I don’t do a thing. I eat all I want, of anything I want, whenever I want it. And I weigh one hundred and seven. I don’t really have to exercise, either. But I do “to keep healthy—mostly horseback riding and dancing.” And where is all this leading the screen’s youngest sophisticate? Well, she confesses that she doesn’t think far into the future because the future will take care of itself. If ever anything happens to take her from the screen she won’t have to work in an office. She’s been drawing a large salary for a year and a half and saved a good portion of it. She is beautiful, successful and talented, and there is something about her personality which makes people instinctively like her whether on or off the screen. “My ambition,” she says, “is to become financially independent so that I can do exactly what I want They make “Big Business Girl” as human as your next door neighbor. Loretta YOUNG = do, when oe to do So can travel and indulge my whims.” She is well on the way to the realFRANK ization of her ambition. ALBERTS ON RICARDO Loretta Young Has Genius For Clothes (Current Story) Loretta Young, who plays the title role in “Big Business Girl” the First National picture now at the eee ae Theatre is not only one of the film capital’s most beautiful stars, but one of the arbiters of style. Her clothes are so well chosen and so swankily worn that she is under the approving eye of dowagers, debs and sub-debs whenever she decides to take a walk, or a ride either, for that matter. Simplicity ‘is the keynote of her success in style and on the screen.” Big Business Girl” includes Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell, Dorothy Christy, Virginia Sale, Oscar Apfel, Nancy Dover, Mickey Bennett and Bobby Gordon. William A. Seiter directed. CORTEZ JOAN BLONDELL But Who Doesn’t? (Current Reader) Loretta Young, who is starred in “Big Business Girl,” the First National picture now at the.......... Theatre, is fond of fast automobiles, and has been with her husband Grant Withers, when he lowered several non-stop records in amateur runs in California. Miss Young is supported in “Big Business Girl” by Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell, Dorothy Christy and others. William A. Seiter directed. “Big Business Girl” is Miss Young’s most delightful characterization. Cut No. 26 Cut 20c, Ma# Sc Page Eight Oscar Apfel Seen In “Big Business Girl” (Biography as of March 1, 1931) Oscar Apfel was born in Cleveland, Ohio, where he attended the local schools and was active in high school dramatics and on the amateur stage. This work led to his first professional engagement on the Cleveland stage in 1900. He then went to New York and played on Broadway for eleven years. Mr. Apfel first went into pictures with the old Edison company in 1911 and thus lays claim to being one of the real pioneers of the screen. Since that time he has returned to the stage in a few productions staged in Los Angeles. His recent pictures include “Big | Love,” “The Virtuous to| “Abraham Lincoln. Business. Girl,” “The Right TAKE Cut No. 10 Cut 40c, Mat 10c Presents With LORETTA YOUNG FRANK ALBERTSON RICARDO CORTEZ Joan Blondell Based on the story by OFFICIAL BILLING ee 25% “BIG BUSINESS GIRL”’ 2, First National Pictures ... «oe re ee Patricia Reilly and H. N. Swanson.......................... 2% Screen adaptation by Robert Lord A WILLIAM A. SEITER PRODUCTION A FIRST NATIONAL & VITAPHONE PRODUCTION .25% 100% 757 nan Cpe aes eee 25% IT FROM A GIRL WHO KNOWS It’s not your stenography it’s your SPEED that makes a successful “BIG BUSINESS GIRL” A First National & Vitaphone Picture HOW TO BECOME A “BIG BUSINESS GIRL” Always say “Good morning” to the boss’s wife and “Good night” to the boss. Don’t take anything except his dictation seriously. Remember, the biggest contracts are signed between a fox trot and a waltz. Show the boss your understanding. He’ll appreciate the relief on his eyes. After 5 P. M. it’s YOUR Business. Loretta Likes Speed |Loretta Young Wins |“Big Business Girl” In Beauty Contest} At Age Of Eighteen (Current Reader) Loretta Young, who is now appeariip et thes os, Theatre in “Big Business Girl,” the First National comedy-drama of young love, was recently the winner in a nationwide beauty contest. Featured in the cast of “Big Business Girl” are Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Dorothy Christy, Joan Blondell, Virginia Sale, Mickey Bennett, Bobby Gordon, Nancy Dover and Oscar Apfel. William A. Seiter directed. sin” 224! Joan Blondell Pleases As A Co-Respondent In “Big Business Girl” (Current Story) The fact that there is only one way for those not rolling in wealth to secure a divorce in some states has been made the basis of one of the hilarious sequences in “Big Business Girl,’ in which Loretta Young stars for First National, now at thes 5 Theatre. Although collusion in securing divorce evidence is illegal, there has grown up the lucrative business of the professional co-respondent. The co-respondent is usually a woman of high morals so far as men are concerned, who, for a consideration, will agree to sit in a hotel room with a man while detectives break in to witness the fact that the husband has been found in another woman’s company. The professional co-respondent is almost never called into court as a witness and may enjoy a high and prudish reputation with her friends, provided they aren’t aware of the nature of her calling. A good professional should average a case a week, at several hundred dollars each. Joan Blondell amusingly plays this important role in “Big Business Girl.” Supporting Miss Young in “Big Business Girl,” which William A. Seiter is directing, are Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell, Dorothy Christy, Nancy Dover, J. C. Nugent and Virginia Sale. Einstein Theory Of Time And Space Is Exploded By Star (Current Story) Loretta Young claims that her theory of dialogue-memorizing may be said to disprove the Einstein theory. _ Miss Young, star in First National Pictures, who appears in “Big Business Girl,” now at the ...... Theatre, says that her theory is based on experience and that it starts with the promise that the first hundred words are the easiest. “The second hundred words,” declares Miss Young, “or the memorizing of two hundred words of dialogue at one time, is four times as difficult as doing one hundred words. Three hundred words are eight times as hard to learn as one hundred words, that is, it takes eight times as long on the average to become letter perfect. “Time and space,” Miss Young avers, with a twinkle, “may be the same thing according to Einstein’s theory, but they most certainly are not so in acting, where they are quite separate but equally important. The words must be properly timed, with the proper pauses and inflections for dramatic effect and at the same time one must employ Loretta Young, star of “Big Busi-| space for the purpose of moving ness Girl,’ the First National com-|during the scenes and executing edy-drama of young love, now at| gestures.” ther s45. Theatre, is but eighteen years. A year ago she startled the country by an airplane elopement from Hollywood with Grant Withers. The youngsters were married in Yuma, Arizona. Miss Young is delightful as the modern girl who is undecided between love and a business career. Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell and Dorothy Christy are featured. William A. Seiter directed. Cut No. 27. We LUGS T Loss GIRL Tosa arelies ZG = Cut 20c, Mat Sc