Big Business Girl (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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EVERY POSSIBLE SITUATION! “BIG BUSINESS GIRL,’ INTRIGUING | Loretta Young Tells COMEDY DRAMA OF YOUTH AND LOVE) How She Keeps The ACCLAIMED BY FIRST-NIGHT CROWD) — School Girl Glow Loretta Young, Screen’s Most Youthful Star, Seen pets F oe a . e ° ° oretta oung, who 1S Starred 1n As Gay Heroine of First National Film . First National’s Big Business Girl,” Now at... ot Theatre now showing at the........ Theatre has simple rules by which she keeps the coveted schoolgirl complexion. (Review Featuring the Story) She recently told an interviewer who asked her how she manages to have the radiant complexion in spite of the use of makeup her way of caring for the skin. “Big Business Girl,” with beautiful Loretta Young in the title role, was enthusiastically received by the audience at ie see Theatre last evening. The story on which the picture is based, appeared first as a serial in a popular magazine and then as a best-selling novel, so that the characters were already well known. That they have permanent entertainment value is proved by their triple success. Miss Young plays the captivating heroine, Mac, a college girl, who is undecided between her love for young Johnnie Saunders, leader of the University Clayton proposes marriage—John orchestra, and an unquenchable deesas aati Une sCisien tie on care fo hese ie hapoy Eta, a : , : ; plans a divorce—a clever divorce ‘sails to Paris with his orchestra for co-respondent appears on the scene ithe summer, after finding himself —and the story climbs up to an unable to dissuade her from her ynexpected but gratifying climax. ambition. Mac goes to New York Miss Young, who is supported by and after discouraging weeks lands 4 cast of fine ability, is at her best a job in an advertising agency, not : as the big business girl—who finds on her merits, but because Clayton, herself so feminine, after all, when the big boss, likes her looks. confronted with the bigger issues John unexpectedly returns from of life. Paris to be with Mac, whom he has Mr. Seiter has been extremely clandestinely married. They quarsuccessful in his direction. The rel and part. Without John’s comedy moments of Joan Blondell, knowledge Mac uses _ influential as the co-respondent and Dorothy friends she has won through her Christy as the rich lady with ulacquaintance with Clayton to help terior motives, are delightful. Frank her alienated husband to win sucAlbertson is especially fine as the cess in the musical world. juvenile lead. “Despite the fact that many beauty experts claim it is injurious to the complexion, I do not think it it possible to have lovely, fresh skin without the use of soap and water. Cleansing with creams or oils exclusively is probably necessary for the person with an extremely dry skin, but this condition also requires medical care, I am sure. “For the normal skin, a soap and water face bath, followed by an icy rinse, is a stimulating tonic. Once a day is sufficient for this treatment. Use a very mild soap with warm, not hot, water. Finish by dashing cold water on the face. A piece of ice in the water if it is not cold enough or a cold mask of the cloth, pressed to conform with the facial contour and held in that way for a few seconds is effective. “After the complexion bath, a gentle massage with a light, rich cream will prevent dryness and leave the skin soft and youthful. The best time to cleanse the face in this manner is just before re\tiring. “In the morning a cold water splashing will suffice. During the day, whenever it is necessary, clean the face with a thin cleansing cream—the kind that melts as it touches the skin, carrying the dirt away without strenuous rubbing.” Go After Things in Big Business Way Says Blondell (Current Story) Joan Blondell, who appears in support of Loretta Young, in “Big Business Girl,” the First National comedy drama of young love, now atte sek Theatre, says that success comes only to those who go after it with a high hand. “There’s no fun in doing things in a half-hearted way” says the blonde who is noted for her hardboiled characterizations, “If you must buy a house, buy a big one! If you must have an automobile, buy the best, no matter if it busts you to do it! If you want to drive fast, find a good clear open stretch of road, and step on it! Give the accelerator pedal the lowdown on the floor board! If you must sing and dance, warn the neighbors, hire a hall and go to it! If you want to do things, do ’em with a punch!” That is something the way in which Loretta Young, as the “Big Business Girl” goes after what she wants to accomplish—of course with more finesse—but with the will to win a place in the world of big business. Then that little thing called love, has to interfere, and so—but go to the tonight and see what happens. Rarest entertainment of the season. A noble marriage experiment! Listen, boss, better let me take care of that buyer tonight. Jones is alright but he hasn’t a girl’s an"@_ kles. If you'll check up you'll find that we’ve done most of our contract signing after hours, and figures don’t lie | ‘BIS BUSINESS GIRL’ A Story of a Pretty Girl Who Thought It Was Her Work That Was Winning Her Promotions LORETTA YOUNG FRANK ALBERTSON RICARDO CORTEZ JOAN BLONDELL A Fisst National Vitaphone Production Directelby WM. SEITER YOUR THEATRE SIG. ‘i Cut No. 2 bertson, Ricardo Cortez, Dorothy Christy, Virginia Sale, Mickey Ben and Oscar Apfel. “Big Business Girl” is an adaptation of the story son, Cut 40c, Mat 10c Those in the cast are Frank Al nett, Bobby Gordon, Nancy Dover of Patricia Reilly and H. N. Swanwhich appeared in “College Humor.” William A. Seiter directed. TYPIST with a TENDER TOUCH Thousands of girls will see their own lives reflected in this story of fast moving business and fast working bosses! BUSINESSGIRL LORETTA. "YOUNG FRANK ALBERTSON, RICARDO JOAN BLONDELL CORTEZ, A First National & Vitaphone Hit! Cut No. 16 Now Playing ARNE Cut 40c, Mat 10c Should A Business Girl Win Success By Love (Advance Reader) Is it fair for a woman to use the power of her femininity in business? This is one of the interesting problems in the First National’s story of modern business and love, “Big Business Girl,’ starring Loretta Young, which comes to the ...... sheatre =... next. William A. Seiter directed, while the supporting cast includes Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Frank Darion, Joan Blondell, Dorothy Christy, Mickey Bennett, Nancy Dover, Oscar Apfel and Virginia Sale. Ticking Watch Sounds Like Exploding Bomb (Current Reader) Recording of the sound of a ticking watch which insisted on sounding like an exploding bomb was just one of the little troubles encountered at First National during the filming of Loretta Young’s starring vehicle, “Big Business Girl,” which is now running at the ...... Theatre. Others in the cast are Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell, Dorothy Christy, Frank Darion, Mickey Bennett, Nancy Dover, Oscar Apfel and Virginia Sale. William A. Seiter directed. CAd CH EINES IT ISN’T HER TYPING, * * IT’S HER SPEED. * SHE IS HIRED ON FACE VALUE. * * * FIGURES DON’T LIE, HERS PROMISES MUCH. * * * SHE KEEPS HER JOB BY KEEPING KISSABLE. * * * SHE HAS A HEAD FOR FIGURES, HER BOSS HAS AN EYE FOR THEM. Ht * * SHE TAKES DICTATION FROM EVERYONE BUT HER HUSBAND. * * * SHE MAKES BUSINESS A PLEASURE AND GETS. AWAY WITH “IT.” x * * HER BOSS WANTS TO BE HER HUSBAND, HER HUSBAND WANTS TO BE HER BOSS, WHICH WINS? * * * BRAINS OR BEAUTY—WHICH DOES THE BIG BUSINESS GIRL NEED? * * * DOES SUCCESS AS A _ BIG BUSINESS ' GIRL SPELL FAILURE AS A WIFE? Page Seven