Big Business Girl (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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LORETTA YOUNG MOST CHARMING AS MODERN GIRL WHO THINKS TO _ BAN LOVE FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS “Big Business Girl,” a First National Picture, Now Delighting Large Crowds At................ Theatre LORETTA : YOUNG RICARDO CORTEZ FRANK ALBERTSON JOAN BLONDELL (Review Featuring the Cast) Loretta Young, youngest and loveliest of screen stars, does the best work of her career in “Big Business Girl,” the First National production which opened an engagement-at the Theatre last night. The title role calls for rare skill in characterization. Mac, a college girl, is undecided whether to marry the young college orchestra leader, Johnnie Saunders, or to go| to the Big Town and start a secretarial career which may in time land her in the world of big business. She finally Youngest Of Youngs decides on the latter. Saunders—splendidly portrayed by Frank Albertson—goes overseas for the summer with his jazz boys and Mac hies to the city, where, after discouraging weeks, she gets a job with an advertising agency, the big boss hiring her for personal rea|| sons. Ricardo Cortez plays the amorous head of the agency with his usual finish. Though Mac gets Saunders promotion in the musical | | | CONTRACTS played with unction by Dorothy | | world by using her powerful acquaintances, and although she and Saunders have been secretly married, they quarrel and part. A catty patroness of Saunders is Christy. Divorce __ proceedings, which are manipulated by the boss, are doubtfully aided by a blonde co-respondent, played with roughneck verve by Joan Blondell, and Oscar Apfel is aptly cast as an aged and wealthy follower of Mac. Those favorites of the screen, Mickey Bennett and Bobby’ Gordon, have amusing parts as office devils, | | and Virginia is a sniffy office assistant. “Big Business Girl,” which was first successful as a magazine serial and then as a best-selling novel, was written by H. N. Swanson and Patricia Reilley. Robert Lord did the screen adaptation and William A. Seiter directed. “Big Business Girl” is a picture || for all who keep the joy of youth. Don’t miss lovely Loretta and her band of clever players in the most intriguing comedy-drama of youth and love that has come this way for many a moon. Screen Star Advises Writers To Produce Up-To-Date Stories Loretta Young, Featured In “Big Business Girl at <a Theatre, Gives Success Tips (Current Story) Loretta Young, star of First National’s production, “Big Business Girl,” now at the Theatre, uses it as an illustration of the possibilities latent in up-to-date situations in fiction. “Tf a story is good enough,” said Miss Young, “it will be published first in a magazine either as a serial or short story. If it is published as a serial as was ‘Big Business Girl,’ it is almost sure to come out |; in book form, where thousands more will read it. “Tt will then ‘be purchased by aj] motion picture studio to be made into a talking picture and then mil-|f lions will see it on the screen. “Tt is safe to say that most active |4 Americans will come into contact with that story at one time or an other and almost every one who reads it in the magazines or the book will see it on the screen, thus adding more millions to its circulation.” “Big Business Girl,” in which Miss Young stars, originally appeared as a serial in “College Humor.” It was written by H. N. Swanson and Patricia Reilley. Then it came out in book form and was a sensational best seller. Finally First National purchased the talking screen rights and made a photoplay from it. The cast includes Joan Blondell, Dorothy Christy, Mickey Bennett, Frank Albert: Ricardo Cortez, Nancy Dover, Oscar Apfel and Virginia Sale. Most Captivating As “Big Business Girl” KISSE SEAL (Biographical Feature, March 15, 1931) Loretta Young, now featured in “Big Business Girl,’ the First National picture at the Theatre, is the screen’s youngest grownup star—one is quite grown up at eighteen—especially when one’s years. Gretchen, for that was her name then, was only five years old, and 1} newly come to the film capital from Salt Lake City, when she first api}peared in a picture which starred the perennially youthful Fanny Ward. Gretchen would have gone on acting with a will had it not been that her parents decided that book learning was in order, and hustled her off to Ramona Convent. During the promising pupil’s :|years at school she was able to sat{isfy her ambition to follow in the | steps of her older sisters Polly Ann ‘| Young and Sally Blane, who were :| winning screen honors, by studying :|tap and toe dancing with Ernest Belcher and esthetic dancing with the famous Ruth St. Denis. Her name was now changed to Loretta, :|as a more euphonious cognomen for }/an aspirant to fan favor. Loretta, almost despairing of ever reaching the magic land of the screen, was at home on a holiday thinking it all over, when Mervin Le Roy, the director, telephoned for her sister Sally. Loretta’s brother answered the call by explaining that Sally was away, but that his kid sister Loretta was not, and would fill the bill to a tee. Loretta went, was seen, and conquered. First National signed her up and the longed for career was quietly launched. She played bits with such verve ?|that in an incredibly short time she was given her first lead. The picture was “Laugh, Clown, Laugh.” She has since distinguished herself in such pictures as ‘The Squall,” “Loose Ankles,” “The Forward Pass,” “Hearts of the North,” “The Man From Blankley’s” with John Barrymore, and “Kismet” with Otis Skinner, Stardom came bj with “The Truth About Youth,” “The Fast Life,’ “Too Young to Marry” and “Big Business Girl.” Loretta Young is five feet three inches in height, weighs one hundred and five pounds and has hazel eyes and brown hair. When seven}|teen she eloped by airplane with {|Grant Withers, whom she married in Yuma, Arizona. Should anyone say to Loretta, in ijthe words of the old song, “Tell Hime, pretty maiden, are there any ‘}more at home like you?” She 1} would not only mention the two || sisters named above, but Georgiana, 1!who is now the age Loretta was ween she made her real screen deut. Seen by Whole World, Never Out of the West Better than “Office Wife,” with LORETTA YOUNG FRANK ALBERTSON RICARDO CORTEZ JOAN BLONDELL A First National & Vitaphone Hit! (Current Story) Though Loretta Young, star of First National’s “Big Business Girl,” which is now at the ...... Theatre, enacts the role of a modern business girl in New York, has never visited the metropolis. In fact, she has never been east of Denver, Colorado. “Big Business Girl” was directed by William A. Seiter, while the supporting cast includes Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell, Frank Darion, Dorothy Christy,*Mickey Bennett, Nancy Dover, Oscar Apfel and Virginia Sale. KENMORE Cut No. 11 Cut 20c, Mat Sc cinema experience covers thirteen F IT’S LIVE-WIRE, SURE-FIRE! \W BIG BUSIN Sass GIRL aK —Gr~ ¥ i BRAINS or BEAUTY (| Pam. Z ya ™ a an ; , FF ———— What makesa , we Enlarge stills, “Business Girl, 64 and 45” and “Loretta Young Pub. A262” in color. Letter title in purple on yellow with decoration at right and left in different tones of lavender. Stills all mounted on black panels; background in emerald green with all. lettering in dark blue and date in red. “Big Business Girl” Values Criticism (Advance Reader) Loretta Young, star of First National’s “Big Business Girl,’ which comes to the .. 3... Theatre next, appreciates reviews of her pictures. She subscribes to a clipping service and asserts she has been able to correct many faults which reviews have disclosed to her. William A. Seiter directed “Big Business Girl,” which has a supporting cast including Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell, rank Darion, Dorothy Christy, Mickey Bennett, Nancy Dover, Oscar Apfel and Virginia Sale. Specialist’s Funny Sister Comes In Modern Comedy (Advance Reader) Virginia Sale, comedienne sister of Chic Sale, author of “The Specialist,’ has an important role supporting Loretta Young in her new First National starring vehicle, “Big Business Girl,’ which comes to the Theatre next. William A. Seiter directed, while others in the supporting cast include Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell. She makes business her pleasure and gets away with “it?! Frank Albertson Ricardo Cortez Joan _Blondell ut Tee eeeeeepe eee aT | | No. 21 Cut 40c, Ma? 10c LORETTA YOUNG A First National & Vitaphone Picture A William A. Seiter Production Loretta Young First On Screen ‘When Five With Young-Old Star (Advance Story) The youngest grownup screen star of today played her first screen role in support of a star whose perennial youth is a marvel to all the world. Loretta Young at the age of five was in a film starring Fanny Ward, who is still somebody on Broadway. Miss Young is now very much grown up. She is eighteen and her newest starring vehicle, First National’s “Big Business Girl,” coming to the Theatre next, has an ultra modern theme. William A. Seiter directed, while the supporting cast includes Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell, Dorothy Christy, Nancy Dover, J. C. Nugent and Virginia Sale. “Big Business Girl” is the story of the world of business today, and ZA deals with the experience of an at-~ tractive co-ed, who is torn between love and business and finally chooses _ both. “Big Business Girl” offers th~ popular Miss Young in one of he. most alluring roles. Again the STRAND has the biggest hit in town ® Page Five