Big Business Girl (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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NO BUNK IN THIS CAMPAIGN y f “the final day of the run of the picture. Page Four 17 Make your lobby as big an attraction as the picture itself. For your lobby frames you can use an enlarged steno note book with the copy in shorthand to be taken from the newspaper ads illustrated in this press sheet. Another frame can be made up by enlarging the one column ad headed “Brains versus Beauty.” For your lobby ballyhoo set off one corner to be dressed as a replica of a business office. Have a good looking girl typing at her desk with a sign announcing that her services are available for any patron wanting to send a letter to their friends concerning “Big Business Girl.” Any office furniture dealer will be glad to supply equipment for the display. A stunt for the front of the theatre would be to have a scale for the use of any girls wishing to weigh themselves. Print a sign “Any Big Business Girl employed or unemployed weighing 200 pounds or over will be admitted free to see “Big Business Girl.” A group of these heavyweight mamas ought to make a good picture for the newspaper. If your inner lobby is big enough you might persuade one of the department stores to make a fashion display there. Announcement cards should read: “Loretta Young shows you what the “Big Business Girl’ should wear and follow her suggestions by shopping at (name of store).” Another feature in your lobby display should be a stock ticker, the tape of which you can fake to read with your own ad copy on “Big Business Girl.” Passers by will be tempted to pick up the tape and read what-it has to say. | Sell your local newspaper the idea of sponsoring a championship typist contest for which all local girls will be eligible. It is a circulation building stunt for the newspapers and a great break for your run of “Big Business Girl.” Have every local business organization enter a girl in the contest, with their pictures, names and the names of the sponsors to be run by the newspapers. Wherever possible this contest should be tied up with the local Remington Rand agency. Prizes can be distributed from the stage of the theatre on The contest should be called “Big Business Girl Typewriter Championship” and should be sponsored by Loretta Young. 19 Catch the interest of local stenos by distributing blotters carrying shorthand notes as illustrated. Blotters are always an effective means of advertising but. in this case they are especially appropriate. Regular desk size blotters 344x6% inches using the copy indicated below may be ordered from the Economy Novelty Company, 338 West 39th Street, New York City. Prices including theatre name and playdate are: 5,000 10,000 $5.50 per M 4.50 per M If You Can Read This Shorthand You're a BIG BUSINESS GIRL which, by the way, is the title of one of the most unusual motion pictures the screen has ever shown. With... LORETTA YOUNG Ricardo Cortez, Frank Albertson, Joan Blondell PLAYING AT Court Theatre 4 BAYS CQGMMENGEING MAY 2nd Here is a clever novelty for distribution in offices, stores and the lobby of the theatre. A: miniature steno book having the appearance of the regular stenographer’s note book. The size is 2x3” and the pad contains about forty pages. On one side copy reads— “Big Business Girl made a date book out of her note book.” On the other side it says: “Make a note to attend “Big Business Girl” at the Strand Theatre, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 4, 5 and 6.” Books can be ordered from the Economy Novelty Company, 338 West 39th Street, New York City. Prices including theatre name and playdate are: 250 Pic Sa a Ae ERR © NE te Soria OS ee ge ee Os Rp Ce $14.00 11.00 per M 21 First National Pictures have arranged with the Remington Rand Co. of Buffalo, New York, makers of Remington typewriters and Remington Rand office equipment, to conduct a contest in the towns listed below to find the most typical BIG BUSINESS GIRL in town. The contest should be decided on both appearance and efficiency. The Remington Rand people have authorized their representatives in these offices to donate the winner of the contest a Remington portable typewriter. The only demand made by the Remington people is that the contest be conducted with the cooperation of a local newspaper and that their prize of a portable typewriter by properly publicized. If local newspaper cooperation is impossible to secure you must find other means of giving this contest similar publicity. You can talk this matter over with your local Remington Rand representative. Otherwise you can use your own judgment as to rules, additional prizes, judges, etc., etc. ONLY ONE THEATRE IN EACH TOWN CAN RUN THIS CONTEST. Get in touch with your local Remington Rand _ representative and work out the details of this contest. The Remington Rand man is willing and anxious to make this the outstanding stunt of your town in years. The following is a list of list of Remington Rand offices which will cooperate with you: Atlanta—104 Luckie St. Baltimore—130 W. Fayette St. Boston—118 Federal St. Buffalo—465 Washington St. Cincinnati—220 E. 4th St. Dallas—1603 Commerce St. Des Moines—909 W. Locust St. Denver—1608 Glenarm St. Detroit—322 W. Lafayette Bd. Harrisburg—206 Daughin Bldg. Houston—1004 Travis St. Jersey City—1 Newark Ave. Kansas City—917 Wyandotte Street Los Angeles—1200 S. Grand Street. Louisville—651 S. 3rd St. Memphis—185 Madison St. Minneapolis—200 Roanoke Bldg. Newark—1070 Broad St. New Orleans—736 St. Charles Street. New York—374 Broadway Omaha—1813 Farnam St. Oklahoma City—512 N. B’way Peoria—332 Peoria Life Bldg. Portland—101 Tenth St. Richmond—10 S. 10th St. Salt Lake City—329 S. Main Street. i\San Francisee—39 Second St: Scranton—238 Adams St. Seattle—142 Fifth Ave. Bldg. Spokane—906 W. Sprague Ave. Washington—1106 “G” Street, N. W. In other towns in which Remington agencies are located, you will find them willing to make window displays and aid your campaign in every way possible. yy J Loretta Young is the Jantzen Girl of 1931. See insert in this press-sheet for tremendous tie-up with Jantzen dealers. Loretta Young is fast becoming one of the most popular Hollywood stars. This picture will definitely set her as the leading ingenue of the screen. Capitalize on her personal popularity by sending Loretta Young post cards over your mailing list. These cards carry a picture of Loretta on the front and the following copy on the back. They call me “Big Business Girl.” My husband wants to be my boss and my boss to be my husband. It’s all so complicated. Won't you help me to decide. I will be at the Strand Theatre next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 4, 5, and 6th. Loretta Young. These cards may be ordered from the Economy Novelty Company, 338 West 39th Street, New York City. Prices including theatre name and playdates in the copy are: 5,000 10,000 500 $4.00 6.00 2 “Big Business Girl” provides some great suggestions for titles and essay contests to be run by local newspapers. Here are just a few of the possibilities for contests. “Can a married woman be a successful Big Business Girl?” “Is business preferable to marriage as a woman’s career?” “Do business girls make the best wives?” “What are the qualifications of the perfect Big Business Girl?” “Should Big Business Girls smoke during office hours?” In all cases the newspaper running the contest should announce that the problem is answered by Loretta Young in “Big Business Girl” showing at your theatre. Prizes can be donated by local wearing apparel merchants. Also theatre tickets and newspaper subscriptions may be given the runner-ups. 2 “Big Business Girl” shows Loretta Young using various types of hand bags, trunks, valises and suitcases. Any luggage shop will be glad of the opportunity for a window display showing what Loretta Young as the “Big Business Girl” favors in luggage carried on her business trips. Cards in these windows should read: es See Loretta Young in “BIG BUSINESS GIRL” and Learn How a Big Business Girl Travels. An appropriate still for a luggage tie-up is No. 71 showing Loretta Young and Frank Albertson sitting in a railroad station with travelling bags. 2 Business schools are naturals for any exploitation stunt on “Big Business Girl.” It is a picture made to order for them. It points out the possibilities for a girl’s career in the business world. Have one of the business schools sponsor a contest for the best big business girl. The qualifications of this contest should be their dress, business ability, good looks and personality. Visit every local business otganization and have them select one entrant for the contest. The prize can be a complete business girl’s outfit provided by the various organizations tying’ in with the stunt. This should be presented on the stage of the theatre on the final day of your run. Anothet tHe-iip fof business schools would be to hold a lucky number contest for all girls visiting the theatre during the run of the picture, the winner to get a free course at the school. Announce this prize in your ads and in a special lobby frame. ails ga ABIES 2 “Big Business Girl” gives you a marvelous opportunity for a wide distribution of heralds. All the stores mentioned in the various tie-ups should make counter distribution of the heralds. Business schools, women’s clubs and Y.M.C.A.’s should also dispose of them to all their members. In many cases, stores can be persuaded to buy their own supply of these heralds if you allow them to use half of the imprinted space for their own advertisement. For street distribution get a pretty girl to give out envelopes containing these heralds to male passersby.