Big Business Girl (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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FO ‘BIG BUSINESS GIRL’! wear should be on display in the fashion parade together with the bathing suit, for Loretta is the Jantzen Girl of 1931. Here is a chance for you to get extra publicity and pro vide an added attraction to the theatre at no cost whatsoever. In return for the stores supplying the models you can give them credit in your program or perhaps set aside a special lobby frame for that purpose. Here again you will find an opening for cooperative advertising. Every store will want to announce their participation in the fashion show. If local girls are used as models, pictures should be taken for local newspapers. The theatre might give a prize for what is judged to be the best outfit of its type in the show. You can make arrangements for the show by visiting the store managers and having conferences with the buyers, advertising men and sales managers. To make this fashion show—or Big Business Girl’s Clothing show further attractive, employ the services of a master of ceremonies, a man or girl who is conversant with styles and modern dress. He will, naturally, concentrate his descriptions on the types of costumes that “Big Business Girls” wear. You can assure yourself of a sensational publicity break by starting the run of this picture with a special “Big Business Girl” showing at 6 A. M. What a stunt to offer any newspaper! The paper can print coupons which will entitle their feminine readers to free admittance to a regular performance of the feature given at 6 A. M. Further, by tieing up with local restaurants and hotels, the early bird audience can also be offered a “Business Girl” breakfast consisting of a doughnut and a cup of coffee. This can be accomplished by the paper printing coupons on three successive days... the first entitling the holder to admittance to the theatre, the second to be used in obtaining the cup of coffee and the third for the doughnut. On the last two coupons, the names of the stores supplying the foodstuffs should be mentioned prominently. These names should also appear on all publicity given the special showing. Further attention should be given to obtaining photos of the crowds attending the early morning affair and the pictures published the next day by the paper sponsoring the stunt. Remember! This 6 A. M. Showing has been tried and proven successful both as a circulation builder for the newspaper and a business builder for the theatre! Make it a feature of your campaign! Every dealer in women’s wearing apparel whether it be dresses, coats, hats, shoes, lingerie, hosiery, etc., will want to advertise his product as “What the ‘Big Business Girl’ Should Wear.” Get after them for window displays on this picture. Tell them of the crowds that can be attracted by putting a display of Loretta Young stills in their window. Point out the advantage of announcing that they are prepared to supply business girls with the same type of clothes that are worn by Loretta Young in this picture. It is their big chance as well as yours. Any fashion displays they may make should be supported with cards saying that all women should see Loretta Young in “Big Business Girl.” On this page is a list of available fashion stills that you can buy from First National Pictures, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. Address Publicity Department. Max Factor Make-up window displays feature pictures of Loretta Young. Get every drug store and cosmetic shop to use these displays during your run of “Big Business Girl.” -If the druggist hasn’t a supply .of the Max Factor cards on hand, he can get them by writing to the manufacturers. Copy on tie-up cards to be put in these Loretta Young cosmetic windows should read: Loretta Young in “Big Business Girl” Knows the Value of Correct Make-Up. See The Picture At the Strand Theatre and Then Allow Us To Advise You On Your Make-Up. Perhaps you can arrange for a novelty gift of some article of women’s cosmetics to be given to the first fifty women attending a matinee which you will designate as “Big Business Girl” Matinee. Give the dealer credit in your ads and in the lobby in return for supplying the prizes. 10 As Frank Albertson, who plays opposite Loretta Young in “Big Business Girl” is featured as a jazz band leader who reaches his greatest success by playing over the radio, a radio popularity contest is a natural for your exploitation campaign. Such a contest of course, must be sponsored by a local station working in close cooperation with the newspaper. The contest will be run by having the paper print a list of the artists featured regularly by that station, accompanied by a coupon on which the reader is to list his three favorites. All coupons should be sent to the theatre. The winner of the contest can be given the title of “Big Business Girl’s Radio Favorite.” A band instrument dealer can provide a musical instrunent as the first prize and other awards can be theatre tickets. 11 Women’s clubs, Y. M. C. A’s and all other organizations interested in “Big Business Girl’ are good prospects for cooperation. It would be a good idea to set aside one night for each organization. For instance, you can have a Y. M. C. A. night, a college night, business school night, business girl’s night and so forth. Announce each night by a card in your lobby. You can further interest these groups by presenting them with the “Big Business Girl” -lub Cards described elsewhere on this page. Business women are sure to be intrigued by these novelties. 12 “Big Business Girl’ is a picture that many women’s clubs will be glad to sponsor. Hold a special preview for the officers of the local women’s clubs and get their endorsement. This will, of course, get newspaper publicity and the sponsorship of the women’s clubs will be an opening wedge to your “Big Business Girl Week” tie-up. Be sure to make the most of this tie-up in both your advertising and publicity. Get stationers and dealers in all office supplies to feature their merchandise as “What the ‘Big Business Girl’ Needs.” They should use this line in both window displays and newspaper advertisements. Here, too, is a fine opportunity for counter distribution of heralds, miniature steno books, blotters and “Big Business Girl Club” cards. STRIKING BANNER A HER KISSES SEAL CONTRACTS LORETTA Ze) U N G BIG BUSINESS GIRL A FIRST NATIONAL % VITAPHONE PICTURE | Colored in bright orange on satin-finished oiled-cloth with lettering and design in blue, this banner makes a great asset in or outside of your lobby. It is weatherproof, durable and most economical. Shipped to you complete with cord and pole at only $1.50. We recommend this banner highly. Order direct from Manufacturer LOUFT BROS. 15 The automobile dealers will get reams of free publicity and should also be given a trailer ad_on your-—screen In all contest publicity Loretta Young should be pointed out as the ideal model for “Big Business Girls.” 5523 Illinois Avenue Washington, D. C. Loretta Young as the “Big Business Girl” plays the part of an advertising copy writer for an automobile manufacturer. Tie-up with local dealers of one of the lower priced cars for window displays and cooperative ads. Copy should read that this particular auto is ideal for the “Big Business Girl.” For instance: “Big Business Girl” Favors the (name of car). See Loretta Young as the “Big Business Girl” at the Strand Theatre. Learn Why Women Should Have Their Own Cars. If it is at all possible to get the dealers together and have them furnish an automobile as a prize for a “Big Business Girl” Popularity Contest you will have the greatest stunt your theatre or any other theatre ever pulled. The leading papers will jump at the chance to sponsor a contest which offers a prize of such proportion. The idea of the contest is to select the most popular business girl in town. This is to be done by means of ballots given out at the theatre and thru the dealers during the run of the picture. The Newspaper, of course, will also want to offer its readers the chance to vote. EXPLOITATION STILLS To Complete The Tie-ups Suggested Herein, Include The Following Stills Hats—“Loretta Young, 186, 190, 209.” Negligee—“Loretta Young, 206” Wraps—“Loretta Young, 189, 201, 221, 224” Fur Scarf—“Loretta Young, 227” Evening Gowns—Afternoon Attire “Loretta Young, 180, 195, 201, 215, 219” These stills are ten cents each and can be secured at a day’s notice by writing direct to: Still Department FIRST NATIONAL PICTURES 321 West 44th Street New York, N. Y. Page Three