Big Business Girl (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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BIG BUSINESS STUNTS Take the town by its ears with a “Big Business Girl Week!” Tie-up the chamber of commerce, merchants associations, women’s clubs, schools, newspapers and all stores in one grand campaign! Boost business for the theatre and for the entire community! Here’s how to do it! First, preview the picture for the Chamber of Commerce and local merchants or if that is not possible, visit one of the Chamber’s meetings and point out the extra business that will accrue from their setting aside a week devoted to the business girl and her needs. Get over the fact that “Big Business Girl” provides them with an ideal opportunity to interest the public in such a campaign. After getting the backing of the Chamber of Commerce, see the managers of the local stores. Tell them what a great thing it is for them to be able to use a star like Loretta Young in exploiting their merchandise. Show how they will profit by running special sales and taking extra advertising space throughout “Big Business Girl Week.” Make up window displays featuring Loretta Young for their use. Then get in touch with the advertising solicitors of the local papers. Layout their campaign. Explain how they can cop extra advertising by getting stores to tie-in on cooperative ad pages. Have them solicit every possible account. Give them a copy of the Chamber of Commerce resolution on “Big Business Girl Week.” “Big Business Girl Week” will not only boost receipts on the picture, but will also mean added prestige for the theatre and will build good will with the local merchants. It’s one of the greatest exploitation stunt ever presented! Step on it! Get this tie-up set and all co-operative ads and window displays arranged fully two weeks ahead of the run of the picture. Many of the other stunts on these pages can be directly applied to putting over “Big Business Girl Week!” Make a tie-up with every book store in town on the novel “Big Business Girl.” This book is destined to be an outstanding best seller and any exploitation is bound to work advantageously for both parties. The illustration below is of a window card printed by A. L. Burt Co., the publishers, who supply them free to all dealers. Have the dealer make this the center of his window display. The cards can be secured by booksellers writing A. L. Burt at 114 East 23rd St., New York or 506 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago. The tie-up can be carried further by arranging for a counter distribution of heralds. Get the dealer to circularize his mailing list with heralds by giving over half the imprinting space to the book. Any wide-awake book dealer will also want to put a couple of copies of “Big Business Girl,” carrying his ad on the cover, in the theatre lounge. Page Two Your Entire Campaign At A Glance 1. Big Business Girl Week. Book Tie-up Business Girl Club Hosiery Stores Lux Soap Tie-Up Fashion Show Special Preview Women’s Wear Stores Max Factor Tie-up Radio Popularity Contest Special Club Nights. Women’s Club Endorsement Stationery Tie-up Banner Automobile Tie-up Exploitation Stills Lobby Display Typist Contest Blotters Steno Book Novelty Remington-Rand Tie-up g2% 23. Janzen Tie-up Loretta Young Post Cards. 24. Newspaper Contest 25. 26. Luggage Tie-up Business Schools Contest 27. Herald Distribution THERE ARE MORE WAYS OF PUTTING OVER ‘BIG BUSINESS GIRL” THAN ANY OTHER FILM YOU HAVE EVER SHOWN! Get a Big Business Girl Club card in the hands of every business girl in town. These cards are a clever novelty that any girl will want to show her friends. First, the card is like a regular club card, reading that the person carrying it is a member of the club and agrees to abide by the rules and by-laws of the organization as listed on the reverse side of the card. On the reverse side there is 2 list of burlesque rules for every Big Business Girl—suggestions such as “Always say good morning to the bosses wife and be sure to say good night to the boss” or “Remember, it’s not always your typing, it’s your speed.” Following these rules the copy reads— “Get the real low down on “Big Business Girl” followed by your theatre name and playdate. Membership Card in BIG BUSINESS GIRL CLUB This is to certify that is a member of the Big Business Girl Club and agrees to abide by the rules and by-laws of the organization as listed on the reverse side of this card. re ee i ee i re a kk re ie eae ie ee ee er a (Signature of Member) Cards 3x4¥% inches with theatre name and playdate imprinted may be ordered from the Economy Novelty Company, 338 West 39th Street, New York City. Prices are as follows: SOOO ae. $4.75 per M 40-0005. 3 4.25 per M There’s plenty of leg display in “Big Business Girl.” Loretta Young fills a pair of silk stockings about as neatly as any girl on the screen. Have every hosiery shop and department store cooperate by arranging special sales of hosiery for “Big Business Girls.” You can use the following stills showing Loretta Young displaying her silken limbs—Pub. A-265 and No. 88. Cards for window displays should read: “BIG BUSINESS GIRLS” make it their business to be attractive. Remember, it’s not always your typing —it’s your understanding. See Loretta Young as one “Big Business Girl” who knew the value of ability and appearance. “Lux Toilet Soap has made Loretta Young the basis of a tremendous campaign. The manufacturers want to tie-up on any picture starring Loretta. And so do their dealers! Hop to it and get every available inch of window space for displays of “Big Business Girl.” Write Lever Bros., Cambridge, Mass., attention Mr. Hallowell, for complete details, including the name and address of their local representatives. Remember! Every grocery store, department store and drug store is constantly on the look-out for attractive window displays! Here’s your chance to give ‘em what they want and do yourself some good at the same time! Loretta Young sets the mode for what the big business girl should wear. Here is the basis for tying in all dealers of women’s apparel for a fashion show to take place on the stage of your theatre during the run of “Big Business Girl.” You have two alternatives in setting this show. 1. You can get a single department store to sponsor the entire affair, and provide all the costumes worn. 2. You can have each local merchant provide one or more models dressed in the particular piece of apparel which he features in his store. In “Big Business Girl” Loretta Young wears sport clothes, evening gowns, business suits, afternoon gowns and also a number of summer frocks. All of these types of women’s