Big Business Girl (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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RUNNING TIME (Vitaphone) 75 Minutes FOOTAGE 6787 Feet 321 WEST 44th STREET FLRST NATIONAL And VY APHow: TALKING NATIONAL PICTURES PICTURES Permission is granted licensed exhibitors to reproduce with proper notice of copyright all matter contained herein NEW YORK CITY, U. S. A. IRL G BUSINESS LORETTA YOUNG RICCARDO CORTEZ FRANK ALBERTSON SUMMARY Ultra-modern romance of ultra-modern youth! With Loretta Young as the fast-stepping steno who does her best work after office hours! And keeps her job by combining ten per cent work with ninety per cent sex appeal! Her story makes “Office Wife’ look old | fashioned! — WHO’S WHO | LORETTA YOUNG—PBrightest of youthful stars, seen in “The Squall,” ‘Loose Ankles,” ‘The Forward Pass,” “Hearts of the North,” “Kismet,” “The Truth About Youth,” “Fast Life,” “Too Young to Marry,” “Road to Paradise” and “Big Business Girl.” Born in Salt Lake City, Utah. FRANK ALBERTSON-—Juvenile lead, seen in “Blue Skies,” “Salute,” “Men Without ‘Women,” “Son of the Gods,” “Wild Company,” “So This Is London,” “Just Imagine” and “Big Business Girl.” Born in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. RICCARDO CORTEZ — Appeared in “Younger Generation,” ‘Mid Stream,” “New Orleans,” “The Phantom in the House,” “Lost Zeppelin,” “Montana Moon,” “Her Man” and “Illicit.” Born in Vienna. JOAN BLONDELL—Blonde_favorite, seen in “Other Men’s Women,” “Sinners’ Holiday,” “Office Wife” and “Illicit.” Born in New York City. FRANK DARION—Lately seen in “Cimarron,” “Mother’s Millions,” “June Moon” and “Big Business Girl.” Born in New Orleans, La. DOROTHY CHRISTY—Former Follies beauty, seen in “Playboy of Paris,” “Extravagance,” “Big Money,” “She Got What She Wanted,” “So This Is London” and “Party Husband.” Born in Reading, Pa. VIRGINIA SALE—Comedienne ot stage and screen. Latest pictures “Loose Ankles,” “Show Girl of Hollywood,” “Back Pay,” “Dude Wrangler,” “Moby Dick,” “Bright Lights,” “Too Young to Marry” and “Big Business Girl.” Born in Urbana, Ill. OSCAR APFEL—Character actor, seen in “The Texan,” ‘“Misbehaving Ladies,” “The Spoilers,” . “Abraham Lincoln,” Sin,” “Right to Love” and “Big Business Girl.” Born in Cleveland, Ohio. “Virtuous | SYNOPSIS (Not for Publication) 931, First National Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved Claire McIntyre, known as Mac, a co-ed, is in love with John Saunders, leader of the University orchestra. After commencement they part sorrowfully, Mac to go to New York to look for a job, John to take his orchestra to Paris for the summer. Mac, after discouraging weeks in New York, gets a job with an advertising agency, when the boss, John Clayton, returns from a business trip.and likes her looks. One of Mac’s big ideas causes her promotion and she is invited to Clayton’s home to meet Sinclair, head of a big company. While Mac gets ready for the party, John suddenly walks in, saying he has given up his contract in Paris to be with her. Each blames the other and they quarrel. At the Clayton party Mac tries to indtice Sinclair to get John’s orchestra on the radio. After the guests go, Clayton makes love to her. As he takes her home, John comes from her apartment and reveals that he and Mac have been married for a year. Clayton leaves and after he has gone John, suspicious of Mac, also goes. John does not know that his orchestra’s success on the air is due to Mac. While playing at the home of a Mrs Emery, Mac enters and takes a seat at a table. John tries to win a reconciliation when Mrs. Emery spoils it all by telling of a wild party he has attended. John returns to his orchestra as Clayton enters, in search of Mac. Clayton dances with Mac and proposes marriage, just as John comes to the balcony with Mrs. Emery, who is trying to win him. John angrily confronts Clayton. Copyright, 1 Clayton later tells Mac that John |: wants a divorce and that a hotel], raid is planned for the evening. Ralph goes to see the fun. Mac following later. John waits for the detectives in a room with a professional co-respondent. Mac enters their room demanding an explanation. Both find out that Clavtan hag lied to them. and thev make un. When the detectives come Tohn and Mac are dancing together while the paid co-resnondert plavs the niano. Tohn aims a hlow at Clavton that cends the latter snrawline in the hall—then shuts the door and resumes his dance with Mac. MICKEY BENNETT—Bov actor. seen in “The Dummy.” “Father’s Son.” “The Ghost -Talks.” “Footlights and Fools,” “Strictly Mod BOBBY GORDON—Boy seen in “The Cohens and Kellys,” “The Jazz Singer.” “A Race for Life” and “Big Business Girl.” Born in Pittsburgh, Pa. NANCY .DOVER—Dancing actress, seen in “Sunny,” “The Connecticut Yankee,” “Scandal,” “Dynamite,” “June Moon” and on the screen in “Cimarron” and “Big Business Girl.” Born’ in Venus, Texas. actor, | { | IT’S NOT HER TYPING IT’S HER | BIG BUSINESS | GIRL A story of today’s busines s—and pleasure, with Loretta YOUNG RICARDO CORTEZ FRANK ALBERTSON A First National & Vitaphone Hit! Black space left for theatre name Cut No. 12 Cut 20c, Mat Sc ROUTINE STORY (This story contains all the important facts about “Big Business Girl.” Release several days before the run begins.) “Big Business Girl,” a First National picture starring Loretta Young, [comes to the Theatre next for a run of days. eeeee LIVAL 101 GAilUl UL eee ae Miss Young plays the part of Mac, a co-ed, who is torn between love for Johnnie Saunders, leader of the college orchestra, and her ambition to succeed in business. The boy, unable to change her mind, goes abroad. Mac hastens to New York to look for work and after discouraging weeks, finds a job with Clayton, head of an advertising agency, whose interest in her is personal. Saunders returns unexpectedly, and though the two have been clandestinely married, they quarrel and part. Without her husband’s knowledge, she uses her influential friends to secure his promction. Clayton now wishes to marry her, and angered to find that she is already wed, tells her that her husband is scheming to get a divorce. Many complications result—through the machinations of a catty patroness of Saunders—through a pert divorce co-respondent—through Clayton himself and others—and the result is as merry a mix-up as may be imagined. “Big Business Girl” is ultra-modern and at the same time intensely human, with just the proper seasoning of humor. It is absorbingly entertaining and holds the suspense to the last fade-out. Loretta Young has never been quite so wistfully charming as in the role of Claire McIntyre, who wins business success and finds it not so completely satisfying as she had expected. This clever romance of the modern business world is based on the story of the same name, which was first widely read as a serial and later became a best-selling novel. The authors of the piece are Patricia Reilley and H. N. Swanson. The screen adaptation is by Robert Lord. William A. Seiter directed. Miss Young is supported by Frank Albertson, Ricardo Cortez, Joan Blondell, Frank Darion, Dorothy Christy, esis Bennett, Bobby Gordon, Nancy Dover, Virginia Sale and Oscar pfel. Whatever else you must stay away from, be sure to see “Big Business Girl.” THE CAST CLAIRE McINTYRE, Young college girl, torn between business and love LORETTA YOUNG John Saunders, Youthful orchestra leader, who disapproves of Mac’s business ambitions Frank Albertson Ralph Clayton, Mac’s boss, whose intentions are personal Ricardo Cortez Pearl, Clever and successful divorce co-respondent..Joan Blondell business asso Luke Winters, Ralph Clayton’s confidential Frank Darion ciate Mrs. Emery, Catty patroness of John, who tries to take him from Mac Dorothy Christy Joe, Clayton’s office boy, in on all that happens. . Mickey Bennett Boy, Whose errands take him Pa Be ea We ot on ry Vas eee a Se eS ee el pirecestel iwc atpiiel wes © 0ie tg, 6 S01 e, ROR. ee ee” a8 ee eee OW into strange.... Bobby Gordon Nancy Dover Messenger places Sarah Ellen, Vivacious college chum of Mac Sally Curtis, One of Mac’s office mates at Clayton’s. . Virginia Sale Walter Morley, Rich client of Clayton, in love with Mac Oscar Apfel TABLE OF CONTENTS Accessories ..............005. 15, 16| Lobby Frames ......:.............. 15 PE OC gees far seer emieceres epee: S| Reviews 22:256..5. a: Fees eT ee Sane Se ee en t Routine Story = 3. 1 Catchlines: 25 sneer 7 SANDY oe ee 1 Pixit Repeee. 265 cia 5 Synepels 25 hics sto ce 1 Exploitation 5.c.iico...: 2-34} Who's: WhO oe. 1