Alcatraz Island (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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PUBLICITY A@’ THON pictures If it’s Mat 205—20c There’s plenty of action in “Alcatraz Island,” the picture which comes to the Strand next Friday. This scene shows John Litel and Ben Welden being pulled from each other’s throats by a guard. you want, be sure to use the VITAPHONE TRAILER it's as important ae as your latest @ oe | Mat fr too news r eel. John Litel ends an argument in Bitter enemies, John Litel and a not-so-gentle manner in a scene Ben Welden, starred in “Alcatraz from “Alcatras® Island? which Island™ dock horns in combat Other action comes to the Strand next Friday. upon meeting in prison. ideas on the following pages. Mat 204—20c Ben Welden, desperate character in the Strand’s forthcoming picture, “Alcatraz Island,” feels the strong arm of the law as he tries unsuccessfully to leave the scene of an attempted kidnapping. Page Ten