Adventures of Don Juan (Warner Bros.) (1948)

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ne i i | i Holdover Ad } LATEST WARNER BROS. SHORT SUBJECTS “SPORTSMEN OF THE FAR EAST” . The great diversity of sports in India is shown in this Technicolor action reel with glimpses of cricket, polo, snake charming, yachting, sword twirling and pole climbing. OLDING FOR NOTHER WEEK. 9902... Technicolor Sports Parade — 10 min. “PRINCELY INDIA”... The story of the men who rule one-fifth of the world’s population. Their domains are as fabulous as a chapter from the Arabian Nights in this fascinating tour of Princely India. 5003... Technicolor Special — 20 min. gy Above Headline Can Replace B Present Line THE ADVENTUREY, SUPREME | “SO YOU WANT TO BE A BABY SITTER” .. . Joe McDoakes draws the task of minding his neighbor’s ‘child, What happens to him would drive a man crazy and it does. Featuring George O’Hanlon, the short was written and directed by Richard Bare. 9403... Joe McDoakes Comedy — 10 min. “HARE DO”... Pursued by Elmer Fudd, the hunter, Bugs Bunny talks refuge in a movie theatre. Bugs uses the natural resources of the house to his advantage and puts the hunter in some very precarious positions. 4722... Bugs Bunny Technicolor Special — 7 min. “CIRCUS TOWN” ... The circus minded citizens of Gainesville, Texas contribute their time and talents to a home grown amateur circus. Everybody gets into the act. ADvenrureso 5803 ... Technicolor Adventure Special — 10 min. The Official Billing WARNER BROS. Pictures Presents ERROL VIVECA FLYNN LINDFORS “ADVENTURES OF DON JUAN” Color by TECHNICOLOR with ROBERT DOUGLAS and Alan Hale — Romney Brent — Ann Rutherford % * * Directed by Vincent Sherman * * * Screen Play by George Oppenheimer and Harry Kurnitz From a Story by Herbert Dalmas * * * Produced by Jerry Wald * * * Musie by Max Steiner x * %* A Warner Bros. 1949'S BIG NEW ACHIEVEMENT FROM WARNER BROS. ROBERT poucias Ml Y \|INCENT SHERMAN JERRY WALD ‘ALAN HALE "ROMNEY BRENT» ANNARUTHEREORD «ston dketonk er Heacearstnace leis MamereNER First National Picture Mat 208 — 2 cols. x 10% inches (300 lines) 10