The Private Life of Don Juan (United Artists) (1934)

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What does the modern girl look for in her cjuest of a Don Juan ? Ttvo-Col. Mat No. 17 — .10; Cut .40 Fan mag story The October issue of Screen Star Stories gives prominence to the exciting story of “The Private Life of Don Juan.” Work with news stand dealers and stores to put up special display cards with stills from the picture, or cards combined with poster cutouts, combin¬ ing your credits with the notation of contents on this publication. Some stores and dealers may insert special bands or markers, too, com¬ bining your copy and credits with other dealer pointers; the exhibitor provides the material and the dealer distributes and displays it. What does the girl of today prize most in her preferred man of ro¬ mance? Is she any different much from the prim beauties of another day? Douglas Fairbanks, star of “The Private Life of Don Juan,” por¬ traying one of history’s most fam¬ ous and successful lovers, had reason to give the subject consid¬ erable thought incident to making this newest United Artists release, which begins a week’s engagement Saturday at the Capitol Theatre. The accompanying chart graph¬ ically shows what Fairbanks, based on his study of “Don Juan,” be¬ lieves the girl of today wants in her man of romance. Do you con¬ cur or differ with him? Chivalry, Fairbanks agrees, is as important now in a man as it ever was. Then come good looks, the ability to wear clothes, finan¬ cial standing, character, figure, athletic prowess, and lastly, yes, lastly—brains. The Times-Star, in conjunction with the Capitol Theatre, offers cash awards, merchandise and guest admissions to those young men and women who present the most interesting chart of romantic values. Remember, you are writ¬ ing it from the lady’s viewpoint. List the eight traits chosen by Fairbanks in their order of impor¬ tance, as you see them. Give each a percentage value so that all total 100%. Then tell briefly in fifty words or less why you have made your selections. Sign your name and address, and mail or bring them to the “Don Juan” Editor, The Times-Star, before Friday midnight. Times-Star and Capitol Theatre employees or their rela¬ tives, alone may not compete. Any¬ body else may submit one, or as many entries as he or she desires. If you prefer, you may bring your replies to the Capitol Theatre lob¬ by and deposit them personally in “Don Juan’s” love-chest, locked and sealed for your convenience and confidence. The Cinema Shop chain, with representative stores in all large cities, is a good con¬ tact for feminine fashions on this feature, with at least six charming ladies from Fairbanks’ cast as models for apparel. Windows and ads are ad¬ vised by Modern Merchandis¬ ing Bureau, promoting these stores. Illustrated herewith are two of the stills which they are including in a com¬ prehensive distribution of Cinema Shops. For further details and addresses of near¬ est store, write Modern Merchandising Bureau, 36 West 44th Street, New York City. Cinema shop chain covered by special material Here’s a mat which makes a newspaper contest of high order. It will start controversy among the fair sex, and arguments pro and con between the fair ones and their beaux. The story alongside is a specimen one giv¬ ing a general idea of how to introduce the contest. The awards can be guest admissions only, small cash if possible added, and perhaps a few trinkets promoted from merchants who will go with you on the idea and give window displays. Merchants co-operating with you may be entitled to a receptacle to which replies may be brought, the same as the theatre. This will mean added visitors. It is possible to print up the idea and put it over as a theatre-and-merchant proposition alone. of male perfection femme controversy Ingredients starts Rose is flower of love for florist tie-ups Florisl windows and ads will find Don Juan a natural for plugging the value of the symbol of romance, whether it be daisies or roses. Flowers are the voice of romance, and in the story and production it is clearly shown that a little posey tossed to a beautiful girl is Don Juan’s unfailing method of introducing himself. Almost any pose of the star or a scene from the ad and publicity mats can be used for newspaper advertisements; posters, stills, cutouts, standees, and colored lobby cards can give added allure to windows for these tie-ups. The tie-up caption and copy can follow the slant: Flowers are the voice of romance in “The Private Life of Don Juan” at the Rivoli Theatre. See how history’s most successful lover shows the way for modern Don Juans to win their ladies fair. Let Gear, the florist, start your romance right, with a fresh corsage or bouquet of selected cut blossoms!