The Private Life of Don Juan (United Artists) (1934)

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Return Of A. Riff Furor ite ! Lots of ZEST, the outstanding Fairbanks’ trait, in this two-column cartoon by Moger Johnson. Will reproduce in smaller sizes clearly or can be blown up. Good for features, ads or special displays. At upper right is an adaptation of it to want-ad pages, a contact offering many angles of ap¬ proach for the alert exploiteer and the wide-awake classified manager. Ttco-Col. Mat No. 14 — .10; Cut .40 Also One-Col. Mat No. 15 — .05; Cut .20 Reader patrons write their opinions of famed lover The theatre, best with newspaper help, can question fans or readers on what they actually think of Don Juan. Seeing the picture will be a help, but shouldn’t be a stated requisite to entries. From what they’ve heard of the man, what they’ve read, what they see of him in the picture, what is the reaction to this historic lover? Is he a hero or a villain? Is he a romanticist striving for perfection in love? Is he a vulgar libertine or idealist? Is he an insatiable adventurer? Is he merely a victim of scheming women? Is he to be copied or pitied? There are any number of angles which your patrons may be inspired to recite for the lure of a few prizes. If the paper puts it on, it should be with an artful opening story, illustrated hand¬ somely and big. Easy for amateur cartoonists Fairbanks is an ideal subject for amateur cartoonists. His agility, his costumes, his face, lend themselves easily to pen and ink or crayon impressions. Using any of the several artist drawings for a model, and echoing the model idea in a part of your front, you can make the theatre and newspaper pages sought-for as hundreds of young people try their skill at giving impressions of the star. The awards, perhaps, need not be more than guest admissions to see the show. WOMEN CAME EASY to DON JUAN —and believe it or not, Don Juan, most fam¬ ous of all lovers, was one of the world’s most successful advertisers. Long before newspapers reached the perfection and precision of modern dailies, Don Juan saw that the public heard about his figure, his features, his romantic “lines”—and he got results; you have only to check your history for that. Sell yourself, your wants, your needs—to ad¬ vantage, at little cost, through the daily classi¬ fied section of the MILWAUKEE SENTINEL And by all means see how Don Juan did it, in “The Private Life of Don Juan,” all this week at the Rivoli Theatre. Artist mat used as identity contest spread Not alone is the layout below an excellent and artistic spread tor layouts and illustration of feature stories in the press, but it can be used as well for an identification contest. This contest can be staged by the theatre alone using the mat on specially printed hand¬ bills, or with a newspaper posting your awards and conducting the affair. It will emphasize the large number of lovely ladies cast in support of Fairbanks. How many can choose the correct four ladies depicted here from this list, unless they see yo'ur show? Binnie Barnes, Benita Hume, Margaret Scott, Merle Oberon, Diana Napier, Patricia Hilliard, Athene Seyler, Natacha Paley, Joan Gardner. The correct ones are Gardner, Oberon, Barnes, Hume and Hilliard, in order. Contest should be kept open until run of picture ends, should be kept open until run of picture ends. Three-Col. Mat No. 11 — .15; Cut .60