The Eagle (United Artists) (1925)

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Program and House Organ Material Catchlines for Theatre Program, House Vilma Banky Paragraphs for Program Organ or Your Newspaper Advertising - Rudolph Valentino, the screen’s most romantic lover. He spurned an Empress to let his heart lead him. The Eagle risked his life to avoid one woman’s love; he faced death to win another’s. Rudolph Valentino rides, fights, makes ardent love and risks his life in “The Eagle.” An Empress wrote The Eagle’s death warrant because he spurned her love. When he found the girl he loved he risked death for her heart. Rudolph Valentino in a role that stirs the heart, sweeps the emotions, thrills with action of amazing speed. Rudolph Valentino made the Spanish love role popular the world over. He will do the same thing for the Russian cavalier. His heart rules an empire and even when Rudolph Val¬ entino turns bandit romance reigns supreme. The world’s lover becomes The Eagle, a rapacious ban¬ dit, whose deeds are heralded far and wide, but whose heart is finally turned to romance. The greatest lover in the greatest love role of his career where his heart leads him into a maze of conspiracy and high intrigue. As The Eagle Rudolph Valentino is rapacious, as a soldier he is daring, thrilling, but as a lover he again sways the senses, stirs the heart, sweeps the emotions. In “The Eagle” there is action without pause, romance that stirs the emotions, mystery that baffles, but over all a love theme that sweeps the heart. Rudolph Valentino is as bold as an eagle as a bandit, but soft as a woman when the heart rules. Soft glances of half-hidden eyes win the heart of The Eagle, and bring Rudolph Valentino into his own as the screen’s romantic lover. Vilma Banky, leading woman for Valentino in this picture, is a Euro¬ pean actress of much note. She is new in the United States, having ap¬ peared in but one picture prior to “The Eagle,” “The Dark Angel.” She is comparatively unknown so far to the American movies public. Use of comments on Miss Banky in your theatre program will be of benefit in turn¬ ing her appearance in this film into box-office profits. The following com¬ ments are among the best obtainable: “Vilma Banky has unusual qualities for the screen—dramatic power with refinement of feeling—an actress of rare beauty and magnetism and an unusual finesse in her technique which should establish her as oneAf thd great stars of the screen.”—Charlie Chaplin. “Vilma Banky is a great find for the screen, because there is something about her which suggests ‘background,’ and that she has suffered. Her eyes have magnetism and are not just ‘blah’ beauty eyes. Miss Banky has ‘IT.’ It is a major quality.”—Elinor Glyn. j*| “Vilma Banky is a wonderful actress—most beautiful to look at and with a personality that will win any audience. She will be a great star.”— Sid Grauman. “Vilma Banky is not only a radiant beauty, but also an 'actress who performs with ease and charm. Her loveliness will be a feature in any screen story in which she appears, as nobody will be surprised at a hero falling in love with her soft, pleading eyes. A pretty girl is always-a strorfg motif in any love story.”—Fred M. Hall, New York Times. “Vilma Banky will prove a sensation. She has beauty, ability and a personality that is different.”—Louella Parsons, New York American. “Vilma Banky has the greatest asset in the world—fascination. Her wistful eyes have smiles and tears together. Her face is perfectly modeled for pictures.”—Sally James Farnham, noted sculptress. “Vilma Banky has great dramatic ability, natural acting capacity, plus beauty and charm. She has mastered the distinctively American art of emotion repression in one picture. Vilma Banky is bound for the top.” —George Fitzmaurice, noted film director. Bandit Warnings In the story of “The Eagle” Valentino as The Eagle sends fearsome warnings to his proposed victims. Exhibitors might try this plan in <^se the police department can be persuaded to grant permission—and poshly police co-operation might be obtained in some instances. Copy sugges¬ tions are not submitted for the reason that local conditions should govern absolutely in this matter. Valentino Caricature Contest Tie-up with, a newspaper and start a Rudolph Valentino caricature contest among the youthful artists in your high schools. Make your deal with the newspaper in the matter of prizes, which do not of necessity have to be large. This contest idea can be put over without great expense. Italian Newspapers This suggestion merely is to remind exhibitors that Italian newspapers should be very receptive to Valentino publicity.