Steamboat Bill, Jr. (United Artists) (1928)

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in ‘‘STEAMBOAT BILL, Jr” Attracters P LACE a goldfish bowl in your lobby and a miniature steamboat in the bottom of the bowl. Arrange a hose which allows ^^ater, one drop at a time, to enter the bowl. Offer your public a prize for the best estimate of how long it takes for e 'jJ|ogh water to enter the bowl to float the steamboat. (Or for the best estimate of the number of fluid ounces of water re¬ quired.) Place anchors painted in bright colors in front of your theatre. Placard them: "Buster Keaton and Ernest Torrence in their big river comedy, 'Steamboat Bill, Jr.’, are anchored here. You can’t miss it!” Have Negroes dressed as roustabouts seated on cotton bales in your lobby or atop your marquee playing banjoes and singing. Frozen Face T^NGAGE a "smileless man” to pose in your lobby, dressed as Buster Keaton. Challenge your public to make "Steamboat Bill, Jr.” laugh. Give a ticket of admis¬ sion to each person who can do so. You can add interest by having him sit or stand in a pilot house built of compo board. Order BLX-7c — One-Col. Laugh Teaser. (On Two-Col. Mat of Four, 10c; Cuts, each 30c.) c 7/iejoij Luoy U briaqiriq thdbMIe^ooer milk tun/ BUSTER KEATON and ERNEST TORRENCE in "STEAMBOAT BILL, Jr.” (The actual size of this cut is 2 in. wide by 4 in. high.) Old Prints T N art stores and second-hand stores you ^ will find interesting old prints of steam¬ boats. Hang a collection of these in your lobby or foyer, and mention in your pub¬ licity for "Steamboat Bill, Jr.” Ushers G IVE your men ushers natty double- breasted blue suits with brass buttons. Your girls should wear white double- breasted jackets and white skirts. Order BLX-7d — One-Col. Laugh Teaser. (On Two-Col. Mat of Four, 10c; Cuts, each 30c.) Here he is, folks! The mooniest. spooniest, looniest, navigatin' mariner you've ever seen! The Mirth-Boat docks at the RIALTO THEATRE (date) BUSTER KEATON and ERNEST TORRENCE in "Steamboat Bill, Jr.” (The actual size of this cut is 2 in. wide by 4 in. high.) Pink Page F OR special publicity do not overlook the pink sheet feature: " 'STEAMBOAT BILL, Jr.,’ Re-written as a Piece for the Third Reader,” which is bound in pink pa¬ per as Page 11 of the Publicity Stories sec¬ tion of this Campaign Book. Obtain space for this unique humor stunt in the feature section of your newspaper, and use the spe¬ cial cut, BLX-10—Two-Col. Third Reader. Qive Your Audience a Big-Time Screamboat Joy Ride! Page Three