Steamboat Bill, Jr. (United Artists) (1928)

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He Laughed Himself Well! AND SO WILL YOU, IF YOU PINE FOR MIRTH, WHEN YOU WITNESS BUSTER KEATON and ERNEST TORRENCE in “STEAMBOAT BILL, Jr.” at the RIALTO THEATRE (date) TTcp fhic Cut ^or novelty ads. and for teaser throwaway. Order: l ' U ) BLX-9—Two-Col. Stretcher Mat, 10c; cut, 30c. Actual size of Cut, 3 y 2 in. wide by 1 J / 8 in. high. Here we have a character sketch of Buster Keaton in a Bushnell line drawing. Use it as a variation from halftone newspaper and program copy. Order BLX-5 — One-Col. Sketch Keaton {Mat 5c; Cut 3Or) Buster Keaton in “STEAMBOAT BILL,JR” (Actual size of cut: 2 in. wide by 3 in. high, including caption.) Laugh Teasers O N this spread are four One-Col. cuts for use as a Teaser Ad. seires, one to be published daily. They are designated BLX-a-b-c and d. They build up a pro¬ gressive laugh idea for the production. Note that the four BLX-7 Laugh Teas¬ ers are all on one special mat (M at, 20c). The cuts come separately mounted, at 30c for each cut. Order cuts separately as BLX-7 a, b, c, and d. River Music ^ S TEAMBOAT BILL, JR.,” offers a brilliant opportunity for musical offerings and presentations featuring such favorite melodies as "Swanee River,” "On the Banks of the Wabash,” "The Mississippi Shore,” and similar numbers new and old, including a large number of "blues.” H AVE two men in white hospital uni¬ form carry a stretcher round town. On the stretcher have a dummy witj^a laughing mask. Use a placard with copy like that under the stretcher sketch shown on this page. Run an auto or sidecar motorcycle through the streets with a reproduction of a steamboat pilot house mounted over the body. Use an appropriate "Steamboat Bill, Jr.,” display billing. Obtain a quantity of little white sailor hats such as are on sale at every 5 and 10 cent store. Have your artist letter them with "Steamboat Bill, Jr.,” copy, and dis¬ tribute them to street newsdealers or news¬ boys to wear during the run of the comedy. This is BLX-7 a, on Two-Col. Mat of Four, with 7-b, c and d. (Mat of all, 10 c; Cuts, each 30c.) (The actual size of this cut is 2 in. wide by 4 in. high.) Page Two