Ramona (United Artists) (1928)

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One Sheet No. 1, 15 c Inspiration Pi£hiws,i«t<£'Edwin Carewe Dolores Del Rio 'RAMONA' * Hefen Hunt Jacksons American Love Classic SUPPORTED- BY Warner Baxter, Viera Lewis. Roland Drew, Michael Viscaroff. Three Sheet No. 1, 45c 4 * EDWIN CAREWE Production Window Card, 07c ln^prot' V i'.\ -Mete*How Mensem Amu?:cam leva ■ Wan^rDasrter.Vwslewis,R&krtdOrew, Michel W./r,.'' -4N EDWIN CAREWE PRODUCTION - PbRjfcq *<i 5 rient_ Vmtti Asiiste *khm- DOLORES DEL Rib RAMONA “ Heim Hunt Jackson's American love Classic ■ Vv&nrwr Baxter, Wra Iwi^tolaiS Drew, Hidapl Visaroff >1N EDWIN CAREWE PRODUCTI ON One Sheet No. 2, 15c Six Sheet, 90c Make a Campaign with "RAMONA” POSTERS To put over this big, sure fire production for the record-breaking attendance that "Ramona” has been drawing everywhere, use these beautiful multicolor lithographed posters and window cards. Order from Your UNITED ARTISTS Nearest Exchange i Piciutes, tec ** Edivin Can**® lolores Del Rio RAMONA* Helen Hunt Jackson's American UveCkssie Warner Baxter - Vera lewis Poland Drew*Michael Visaroff AN EDWIN CAREWE Three Sheet No. 2, 45c Inspiration Kchiros.in^^EdwinCarewe DOLORES EDWIN CAREWE PRODUCTION stwBKsj^fmisrax' -Uflifcd Artists" -24 Sheet, $2.40 Trinted in the U.S.A. by The LonCtACRf. Press, Inc.