Ramona (United Artists) (1928)

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ox-Office Success—Dolores Del Rio in “Ramona” RA-15 (Mat 5 c; Cut 30c) One-column Advertisement WARNER BAXTER • VERA LEWIS ROLAND DREW MICHAEL VISAROEE The love of two men for one woman—and her marriage to both! Vivid drama told against the stirring background of un¬ tamed California in the color¬ ful days of the gold rush! A romance for everyone! .ERWIN CMTWl Production Screen Play Jinis 9ox UNITED MUSTS PICTURE RA-22 (Mat 10c; Cut 50c) Tvjo-column Ad. Slug RA-17 (Mat 10c; Cut 50c) Two-column Advertisement r .Inspiration 'pictures One. tr (jdwin CoretVe D010RIS DEL RIO Hn Z4n Gdwin Cavewe Troductionj Down the royal road to romance! Up the high road to happiness! You’ll travel along both in "Ramona”—Dolores Del Rio’s greatest picture! See It For Your Thrill Supreme! UNITED ARTISTS PICTURE