It's in the Bag! (United Artists) (1945)

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Get 'Em Going On This LIMERICK CONTEST Everybody loves limericks! Practically every man, woman and child is a rhymer at heart. 'Mt's In The Bag'' is the funniest picture of the year with the greatest collection of come¬ dians ever gathered together in one picture! This limerick contest would attract the atten¬ tion of everybody in your locality who even just glances at newspapers. The whole thing reveals the hilarious mood of the picture. It's a four day newspaper plant and don't miss out on it! Have the answers sent to your the¬ atre or perhaps the newspaper would handle the whole thing. Names of winners and their entries should be published. Arrange this four-day contest now! It's available in a series of two column mats — order the complete set as Mat No. 27D—.60. -(I)- WRITE A CLEVER LAST LINE AND "IT’S IN THE BAG"/9W4 maif Jack Benny and Fred Allen in "It’s In The Bag" Here’s a couple of wonderful friends, For past squabbles they’re making amends, Jack calls Fred "Dear Old Chum,’’ But Allen looks glum. (fill in last line) (Sample: Is his heart in the posies he sends?) Here’s my last line for "It’s In The Bag" Limerick No. 1 Name.. /address ( 2 ) WRITE A CLEVER LAST LINE AND "IT’S IN THE UO 'fOifA PRUB! Fred Allen, Rudy Vallee, Victor Moore, Don Ameche in "It’s In The Bag" Allen, Vallee, Moore and Ameche, Were a quartette everyone said was peachy, 'Till Allen said "Ho, I'll take this high solo," (fill in last line) (Sample: And threw "Sweet Adeline" into a screechyll Here’s my last line for "It’s In The Bag" Limerick No. 2 Name.. Address 27D ( 3 ) WRITE A CLEVER LAST LINE AND "IT'S IN THE IkH 'rOKA mZt! Oh, pity poor Allen named Fred, There are terrible crimes on his head. He slays ’em with gags And puns out of bags. (fill in last line) (Sample: Even cranks laugh and laugh ’till they’re dead!) Here’s my last line for "It’s In The Bag” Limerick No. 3 Name.. Address o <5 9 (4) WRITE A CLEVER LAST LINE AND "IT’S IN THE IkG' fORA PRiZBf He’s a typical man-of-affairs, This Benchiey with so many flairs. His inventions so tricky. Like this trap for mouse Mickey, (fill in last line) (Sample: Earn him many incredulous stares!) Here’s my last line for "It’s In The Bag" Limerick No. 4 Name.. Address < 5 ^ 4c FUIVI^IEST INCIDEIVT onfes, Start promoting this contest about a week or ten days before the opening of the picture at your theatre. Conduct it through your local newspaper or radio station, or both. Each contestant must relate what he considers the most hilarious experience of his life—an experience in which he played the leading role, of course. Limit the answers to 200 words, and give a prize of a War Bond to the person who has experienced, in the opinion of the judges, the funniest incident. Guest tickets to ''It's In The Bag," the "funniest picture of 1945" can be awarded the runners-up. If time permits, it would add to the attention-getting value of this contest by having the judges select about six letters for the finals, and then printing these six letters, or having them read over the air, and inviting your townspeople to vote for the first prize winner. Their selections could be mailed to the newspaper or radio station, or dropped into a ballot in ^e lobby of your theatre. , < CTem