It's in the Bag! (United Artists) (1945)

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rft ♦ Fred Allen, former flea trainer, now heir to millions, decides to finance Parker's (Robert Benchley) rat trap to satisfy his wife (Binnie Barnes). Still MP-9. 2. Allen's inheritance vanishes in a chair (honest) and son Ho¬ mer (Dickie Tyler) can't re¬ member who took the chair. Hence the psychiatrist (Jerry Colonna). MP-I45. 3. Yup! It seems Jack Benny has the chair.. And, believe it or not, Allen arrives with flowers in his hand and larceny in his mind. Still MP-21. 4. Still on the hunt for the mil¬ lion dollar chair, Allen be¬ comes a singing waiter in a quartet composed of Rudy Val- lee, Victor Moore and Don Ameche. Still MP-185. 5. What a predicament! He fi¬ nally gets the chair—over Wil¬ liam Bendix' dead body! But what to do with the body? And the policeman? Still MP- 142. COUNT 'EM FOEKS! S GREAT COMEDIANS FOR THE PRICE OF I! AH in "IT'S IN THE RAG" at the .... Theatre A.ds JViirh Fine With In The Bng** Tnntniising TEASERS Run a series of four ads in local papers, the first one to appear five days before the opening of the picture at your theatre. Run copy as follows: 1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day “IT’S ...” “IT’S IN . . ’ “IT’S IN THE JVetvspaper A^rt Feature VICTOR MOORE JACK BENNY JERRY COLONNA WILLIAM BENDIX 26B—2 Col. AAat .30 COMIEDY STRIP This strip gives you the works on comedy situations including the ever-populor Benny-Alien feud. It's a swell newspaper plant! "-'Mne