It's in the Bag! (United Artists) (1945)

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START ^EM LAIJGHIXG IX ADVANCE! IT'S A GREAT COMEDY PLOT! -SEEL IT WITH COMEDYt "It's In The Bag" has the greatest collection of comedians ever gathered to¬ gether in one picture. Here are six stills that can be used to excellent advan¬ tage in putting over the hilarious mood of the production and players. Use them in connection with a unique and laughable gag in which you pose the question **MM€Bve Yomm Owe of These In The Fanuity Alhutn^** Start this going about ten days before playdate, announcing it by means of a lobby display (blowups of the stills), newspaper ads or handbills. Suggest that your patrons look through the old family albums at the photographs taken during the "mustache era" and see if any of their relatives resemble (even slightly) any of these photographs. Give a pair of guest tickets to every one bringing you a photograph that is close enough to be put on display in your lobby, getting permission to do so, of course. This should make quite an amusing gallery of portraits, especially in view of the fact that many old-timers around town will be represented. It can all be done in the spirit of good-natured fun! Make sure complete billing accompanies the display. THE DANDY (He whistles—but refined like) or Stage A. Caricature Shatr Arouse local interest and encourage the budding artists or caricaturists among the young folks of your town, by running a caricature contest. Entrants may submit caricatures of any of these leading comedians in "It's In The Bag," or they may use them all together in one cartoon, using these mustached photos as models. Tell them to draw something that they feel would be a good theatre poster. They may also attach captions to them. All drawings must be on the funny side. Start this about two weeks before playdate, instructing all contestants to have their drawings in by a certain date. Get them in to your theatre in time to put the cleverest ones on display in your lobby. In addition give the winning artists free tickets to "It's In The Bag." Local newspaper publicity should be easy to bag on this one. And Dan*t Orertook THE CLOWN (He's MORE fun!) The wonderful possibilities you have in these comic photos for attention- getting window cards. They'll stop passersby. Men's shops and barber shops in the centre of town are the logical spots for them. Order the following stills: Rudy Vallee (The Dandy) l\o. 170, Jerry Colonna (The Clown) No. 99, Fred Allen (The Wit) No. 178, Don Ameche (Solid Citi¬ zen ) No. 165, Victor Moore (The Artiste) No. 173. THE ARTISTE (You'd BETTER like his souffles') THE WIT (Keeps 'em in stitches!) SOLID CITIZEN (You con bonk on him, Bud!) § % % Page Eight