It's in the Bag! (United Artists) (1945)

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CLEVER PERSONNA STARS FRED ALLEN BLADE AD PERSOMHAIi/ Speakinq" ALLEN THIS Appears in TIME May 7th LIFE April 16th ESQUIRE September NEW YORKER May 5th Total Readership - 24,468,080! ilre in the Joioir about ,/Ulen... Brooks... Bownej^ ? IS FIID AS FUNNY OFF-MIKIT Yea—gag* come naturally to thia top-ranking funnyman. He'a hilarioua in his neweat pic¬ ture "Ifa In The 3ag." But ^red ia aerioua about some thing*—for example, Regenta. "That cruahproof box ia topa,” he aaya. "Juat like a cuatom- made cigarette caae." DOIS PHYLLIS LOOK OOOD IN A JUNCLIT Aak the aervicemen ahe entertained during her exciting tour of the South Pacific! Anartiata' model before the movie* diacovered her, Phyllia find* Regenta a model cigarette. "They're reaUy mild!” aaya ahe. “And I think they're better taating.” MOW IRISH IS MORTON'S "IRISH TINOR"? Ifa Connec¬ ticut-grown—but audience* in Ireland, where Morton toured aeveral timea, have pronounced it the real McCoy. Thia popular troubador, who once played a dummy aaxophone in a leading dance orcheetra, ainga praiaea of Regenfa King Size. “It meana a amoke thafa over 20% longer," he point* out. ALL YHRII AORII that Regenta are milder better taating. Multiple blending doe* it! Thia proceaa, exc/usive with Regent, make* Regenta really mild, ever ao gentle to your throat. Next time, try Regent*. They coet no more than other leading brands. <ded REGENT CIGARETTE AD in LIFE February 19th Total Readership — UgOOOgOOO Star of United Artists hit, ”ITS IS THE BAG ** 1 — For years I plodded along in radio —eking out a bare $10,000 a week. But Hollywood kept turning me down, “No glamour,they said. 3 —I’m a glamour boy Personna- fied. Yes, those slick shaves are right up Allen’s Alley. And my movie career—‘‘It’s in the Bag!” 2 — A quiz kid wised me up. “Dracula, nothing’s wrong with you that good grooming can’t fix,” he said. So I got hep. I got Personna! Now... HERE’S WHY Personna Blades are as sharp as Fred Allen’s wit: They’re made of premium steel . . . hollow • ground for longer-lasting keenness . . . diamond-tested for extra hard¬ ness. Try Personna today! Personna, 599 Mad. Ave., N.Y. C. 22 10 FOR $1 ALSO IN THESE NEWSPAPERS IN 110 CITIES State and City Papev ALABAMA Birmingham . News-Age Herald Mobile . Press Register Montgomery.Advertiser Journal CALIFORNIA Bakersfield . Californian Fresno . Bee Los Angeles. Herald Express Los Angeles . Times Oakland. Tribune Sacramento . Bee San Diego Tribune Sun Union San Francisco. Call Bulletin San Francisco . Examiner San Jose. Mercury Herald News Stockton . Record COLORADO Denver. Post Pueblo.Chieftain-Star Journal CONNECTICUT Hartford. Times New Haven . Register Waterbury Republican-American DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Washington.Post Washington . Star FLORIDA Miami . .. Herald Jacksonville.Florida Times Union Tampa . Tribune GEORGIA Atlanta . Journal Savannah . News Press ILLINOIS Chicago . News Moline-Rock Island . . Dispatch & Argus Peoria.Journal Transcript Star INDIANA Evansville . Courier-Press Fort Wayne . News Sentinel Indianapolis . News South Bend.Tribune Terre Haute. Star Tribune IOWA Cedar Rapids . Gazette Davenport. Times Democrat Des Moines.Register Tribune Dubuque . Telegraph Herald Sioux City . . Journal, Journal Tribune KANSAS Topeka . Capital State Journal Wichita . Beacon State and City Paper LOUISIANA New Orleans . Times Picayune MAINE Portland Evening Express, Press Herald MARYLAND Baltimore Sun MASSACHUSETTS Boston . Globe Boston . Herald Traveler Boston . Post Holyoke . Transcript-Telegram Lawrence.Eagle Tribune MICHIGAN Detroit . Free Press Detroit . News Flint .Journal Grand Rapids . Press Kalamazoo. Gazette Muskegon . Chronicle Saginaw.News MINNESOTA Duluth .. Herald News Tribune Minneapolis . Star Journal Tribune St. Paul.Dispatch & Pioneer Press MISSISSIPPI Jackson Clarion Ledger News MISSOURI Kansas City . Star Times St. Louis.Globe Democrat St. Louis . Post Dispatch NEBRASKA Lincoln . Journal Star Omaha . World Herald NEW JERSEY Camden . Courier-Post Newark . News Trenton. Times NEW YORK Buffalo.News Plattsburg . Press-Republican Rochester Democrat-Chronicle, Times-Union Syracuse . Herald-Journal NORTH CAROLINA Charlotte . Observer Wilmington . Star News OHIO Akron Beacon Journal Cincinnati . Times-Star Cleveland . Plain Dealer Cleveland.Press Columbus. Dispatch State and City Paper Dayton . News Lima.News Toledo . Blade Youngstown .Vindicator OKLAHOMA Oklahoma City.Oklahoman Times OREGON Portland . Oregon Journal PENNSYLVANIA Erie . Times Harrisburg . News Patriot Philadelphia . Bulletin Pittsburgh . Post Gazette Pittsburgh.Press Scranton . Times RHODE ISLAND Providence . Bulletin SOUTH CAROLINA Charleston.Post News & Courier Columbia . State SOUTH DAKOTA Sioux Falls.Argus Leader TENNESSEE Chattanooga . . News-Free Press Times Knoxville.. News Sentinel Memphis . Commercial Appeal Nashville . Banner Tennessean TEXAS Amarillo.Globe-News Beaumont . Enterprise Journal Corpus Christ! . Caller Times Dallas : Times Herald El Paso.Herald Post Times Fort Worth . Star Telegram Houston . Chronicle Houston . .. Post San Antonio . Express News Waco.News Tribune Times Herald UTAH Salt Lake City.Tribune Telegram VIRGINIA Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch, Virginian Pilot Richmond New,? Leader Times Dispatch Roanoke.Times World News WASHINGTON Seattle. Times Spokane Chronicle Spokesman Review WEST VIRGINIA Charleston . Gazette Parkersburg . News Sentinel Wheeling , . Intelligencer News Register WISCONSIN Milwaukee . Journal TOTAL READERSHIP - 50,000,000! IN ADDITION 10,000 Personna-Fred Allen Window Displays will be distributed throughout the country. Contact your local Per¬ sonna dealer and arrange to have him feature one of these displays during the run of the picture at your theatre. Make certain to use "It's In The Bag" stills and billing with the display. 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