It's in the Bag! (United Artists) (1945)

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HERE'S A TIE-UP PACKED WITH EXPLOITATION AMMUNITION! motion- ^ P5CTURB IBOOKS BENCH LEY ■ I jXef BENNY ‘:“orMooK"o"»'S= BiNNit BARNES SKIRBALL ANOTHER GOOD ONE! test th ■ • ‘‘"d your „ ^ “^'’^noasTs ®«orH£Rs, PEN _Appears in LIFE SATURDAY EVENING POST (2 ISSUES) LIBERTY TRUE STORY COSMOPOLITAN COLLIERS RED BOOK Total Readership 72 , 000 , 000 ! Appears in — N. Y. TIMES MAGAZINE METROPOLITAN SUNDAY’S NEWSPAPER ROTO (21 PAPERS) CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR AMERICAN WEEKLY (20 PAPERS). Total Readership 47 , 500 , 000 ! Caxton House, Inc., book publishers, are producing a new series of books called "Motion Picture Books." One of the first in the series is "It's In The Bag," and the attractively designed four-color cover and clever new format of this makes it an eye- arrester on any news-stand or stationery store rack. In addition to the usual features of a souvenir program, it contains a 10,000- word novelization of the story and fifty large half-tone illustra¬ tions of "It's In The Bag." These will be distributed through I 15,000 locations. In addition to their tremendous value as ad¬ vance publicity, these books can be put to work as effective local promotion agents. Below are a few suggestions. RADIO STATIONS As Fred Allen, Jack Benny, and the other players who get plenty of space in the Motion Picture Book are big radio favor-^ ites, a tie-up between the local radio station and your theatre is a natural. The local station could hypo sales of air time by planting give-away copies of the book in the shops advertising over the station. Listeners would be told that all customers purchasing certain articles at such-and-such a shop would re-^ ceive the book free. Cost of books could be divided among participants. LOCAL STORE TIE-UPS These books will be carried in practically all combinations of chain, de¬ partment, drug and stationery stores. In these you can arrange window and store counter displays, using also window cards and stills from the picture. SOUVENIR PROGRAM « The books can be sold in the lobby of the theatre as souvenir pro- grams. Make certain to indicate that the complete story and many illustrations of the stars and action are included. This could be done by a display rack in your lobby, with a large sign giving all the information concerning the book. The theatre owner can make a profit on every book sold. CONTEST PRIZES Give the books as prizes for some of the contests suggested in the ex- ^ ploitation section of this press sheet. They could be runner-up prizes, or supplementary ones. For the kid's paper bag salvage drive suggested ^ on page thirteen they would be especially good. BOOKS MAY BE PURCHASED THROUGH YOUR LOCAL NEWS- ^ STAND DISTRIBUTOR OR BY SENDING ORDERS DIRECT TO PUBLISHER — CAXTON HOUSE, INC., 9 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA, NEW YORK 20, N. Y. Page Six