It's in the Bag! (United Artists) (1945)

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3200 ADAM HAT STORES ARE Displaying This Great Window Card! is fine tie-up gives you a window display in all the central locations in the country. It's outstanding— guaranteed to stop every passer-by. They'll all STOP-LOOK-and READ! 200 NEWSPAPERS throughout the country will carry Adams Hat - Fred Allen ads. Billing for "It's In The Bag" is prominently displayed in these ads. Be sure to cash in on this swell tie-up. Contact your local Adams Hat dealer and arrange a window or counter display, using plenty of stills and window card with com¬ plete billing. BENRUS WATCHES Benrus Radio Time Signals, going out regularly over all leading networks, will announce that "Benrus Watches timed all the scenes in ITS IN THE BAG." In all leading cities throughout the country these announcements will mention the name of the theatre playing the picture. In the metro¬ politan cities, newspaper ads will be run on the day the picture opens. Fred Allen - Benrus Newspaper Ad Mats will be available to all jewelers on the Benrus list, to be run under their own names. Window and counter cards, tying in with the picture, will also be released to these jewelers. Contact your local jeweler immediately and ar¬ range a window display. Take full advantage of this fine tie-up! RONSON LIGHTERS A Ronson ad featuring the Fred Allen tie-up will appear in Mary Sasser's syndicated advertising column in May. This column is of the editorial type and is called "Buy Lines." The ad will mention "It's In The Bag" and the fact that Ronson Lighters are used in the pic¬ ture. Accompanying it will be a sketch of Fred Allen using a Ronson. "Buy Lines" appears in 60 leading newspapers throughout the country. Combined circulation of these papers is 13,000,000! That means a readership of 39,000,0001 says FRED ALLEN, star oftJtS IN THE BAG’’ /Released Thru UNITED ARTISTS