It's in the Bag! (United Artists) (1945)

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ROYAL CROWN COLA 6000 of the striking 24 sheet 4 color posters shown below will be displayed on prominent high¬ ways from coast to coast during the entire month of April. At an estimated circulation of 16,000,000 viewers every day, this potent reminder of "IT'S IN THE BAG" will be seen 480,000,000 Times I R C tastes best / . ^ FRED ALLEN 1 See Fred Allen in "it's in the BAG' A Jock Skirball Froducl^on released through United Artists tastes best/ says FRED ALLEN ROYAL CROWN COLA SATURDAY EVENING POST AD 2-color V 2 page Saturday Even¬ ing Post ad, appearing in the March 3rd issue. Readership of the Post is 15,000,000! ROYAL CROWN \ COLA FAN MAGAZINE AO ( 2/3 page 2-color ad appearing | in the June Issues of Movie I Story and Motion Picture \ Magazines. The combined read- 1 ership of these , two publica- I tions is / 3,500,000! I RADIO FLOGS Spot announcements featuring Fred Allen and "It's In The Bag" will be used for two successive months! These go out over 300 radio stations and enjoy an esti¬ mated audience of 20,000^000 Listesiers ! “THI TASTI-TIST SIT Ml STRAIGHT," says Fred. "I tried leading colas in paper cups, found Royal Crown Cola best-tasting. R C's a swell 'quick-up’ whenever you feel like I look.” Try R C! 2 fiill glasses in each 5i bottle. (Fredsuggests: "keep on buying more and more War Bondsl”) ^ COIA ^ S£Sr BY TASTE-TEST Page Four