It's in the Bag! (United Artists) (1945)

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NEVER BEFORE HAS A PICTURE STARRING A RADIO FAVORITE BEEN GIVEN SUCH A GIGANTIC • BUILD-UP VIA THE AIR WAVES! HERE’S THE LINE-UP (AND WHAT A LINE-UP!) OF PROGRAMS ON WHICH FRED ALLEN HAS BEEN GUEST STAR, WITH - FULL CREDIT TO 'IT’S IN THE BAG" = Allen has become one of the favorites on this popular ad lib program. He’s been on it three times recently, the last time switching with Clifton Fadiman on the master of ceremonies chore. HAROLD LLOYD SHOW Allen starred in a radio version of "The Show-Off. The Lloyd show is an ^ NBC feature with a rating of about 12,900,000 tuner-inners. ■3?^ - - EARL WILSON INTERVIEW Here the New York Post columnist interviewed Allen and the result was a merry tangling of wits. This comparatively new show is definitely worth-while! Over Mutual’s biggest hook-up. More Big Time Coast-To-Coasters On The Fire! To Break With The Release Date-To Hypo The Box-Office!