Body and Soul (United Artists) (1947)

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It’s a Feature! # # It’s a Contest! THIS SPECIAL ART | makes an interesting reader- interest feature as is. How¬ ever you can make it the basis of a local contest, offering a course as a professional model as the main prize in a “Body and Soul Model Contest." Get the cooperation of local Model School or Agency; stage the event on your stage or at a local outdoor beach or play¬ ground. Use the layout at right plus additional Hazel Brooks stills in preparing dis¬ plays and announcements. Co¬ operating Model School or Agency provides the Model Course prize while other mer¬ chants can tie in with supple¬ mentary gifts of clothing and accessories. MAT (4B) .60 Hazel Brooks, Holly¬ wood’s latest sensation, who is appearing as the “other woman” in En¬ terprise’s “Body and Soul”, a United Artists release. THE "MODEL WAY" TO STARDOM The path from cover girl to movie star is fast becoming a well-beaten one these days with casting offices giving the model files the once-over whenever a picture is brewing. Latest to transfer from the still-cameras to the movie lens is luscious Hazel Brooks who makes her bombshell debut in Enterprise Studios’ “Body and Soul”. Other leading ladies who have graduated from the modeling field are Susan Hayward, Lauren Bacall and Jinx Falkenburg. Hazel Brooks Is f The Girl Who... ?’ Hazel Brooks, the new star dis¬ covery in “Body and Soul," was re¬ cently voted “The Co-Pilot We’d Most Enjoy Flying With" by the aviation cadets at Brooks Field, Texas. Here’s some alluring art on Hazel Brooks to get the young men of your town vot¬ ing Miss Brooks for some special local honors. The stills shown here carry sample captions. Go after such local male groups as college students, clubs, factory workers, armed service organizations, veterans, etc. to name Miss Brooks as their favorite. If desired, arrange for newspaper or lobby contest, offering guest tickets for best captions starting, “Hazel Brook Is The Girl Who. . . .” Still BS-S-3 1 Example: Hazel Is The Girl I'd Most Like To Sing The Blues To! Still BS-S-55 Example: Hazel Brooks Is The Girl I'd Most Like To Shadow! t Still BS-S -70 Example: Hazel Brooks Is The Girl I'd Most Like To Be My Moll! Find “The Body” MAT (1M) .15 Still BS-F-2 Look for the local girl who can match the beautiful body of Hazel Brooks. Contestants should be judged solely on the similarity of their figures as compared to that of the new star —whose dimensions are out¬ lined in the illustration above. Arrange for a news¬ paper to seek “The Body” in “Body and Soul” and get merchants to cooperate in providing an adequate wardrobe as prizes. Use Hazel Brooks art liberally in publicizing this promotion. Page Ten