Body and Soul (United Artists) (1947)

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DISPLAY FIGHT SCENES IN LOBBY Let your audience know that Artie Dorrell and John Indrisano (famous in sports world) are appearing in “Body and Soul”. Suggested still is "BS-Art 2 ", available at National Screen Ex¬ change. * t°W * Ra<^° HAZEL BROOKS ART This cutout display on the new “Body and Soul’’ discovery, Hazel Brooks, will serve to introduce her to your patrons. Cut out and blow up the figure of Miss Brooks and mount with copy as indicated. This fight display will do just that. Enlarge it direct from this illustration for display in the lobby; or prepare it locally. MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP bout between JOHN GARFIELD and ARTIE DORRELL ao iSoi// ROUND 1 Dorrell lands pow¬ erful blow to jaw of John Garfield. ROUND 2 Referee Indrisano keeps a sharp eye out for fouls. ROUND 3 It looks like “curtains” for Garfield in this one. ROUND 4 A right cross to the jaw floors Dorrell... for keeps. ROUND 5 Garfield’s reward! An embrace from Lilli Palmer. Order stills BS-91, BS-86, BS-93, BS-100 and BS-118A from your National Screen Exchange. TEASER TREATMENT SELLS THE FAMOUS TITLE An effective setpiece can be built around the title by using block letters “Body and Soul” and placing silhouette star stills as shown below. TRANSCRIBED RADIO SPOTS Don’t forget United Artists recorded spots when planning your radio campaign. An especially prepared transcription has been made with one-minute, one-half minute and chain break announcements. Sufficient time has been allowed on each announcement for live policy announcements. If you use radio — use these professionally prepared recorded announcements! Page Nine