Body and Soul (United Artists) (1947)

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NOVEL FEATURE FOR NEWSPAPER, WINDOWS This feature is prepared for planting in your local Sunday Pictorial section and it’s angled to catch reader interest. You can enlarge it direct from this illustration for lobby display as well. For extra circulation, reprint this feature under a banner line reading “Hollywood Flash” and post on windows. THE WOMAN STRIKES BACK IN "BODY AND SOUL" Ever since James Cagney presented Mae Clarke with a grapefruit —the hard way—in "Public Enemy" the trend in cinema wooing has been for the hero to get tough with the lady he loves. But in Enterprise Studio's production of "Body and Soul" the women come into their own as Lilli Palmer strikes back with John Garfield on the receiving end. Here's James Cagney threatening the Angela Lansbury is the picture of perfectly poised Sylvia Sidney in misery as George Sanders eyes her "Blood on the Sun". contemptuously in "The Private Affairs of Bel Ami." At last the woman strikes back in the person of Lilli Palmer. And in receiving position is John Garfield in "Body and Soul." MAT (2M) .30 The appeal of this type of feature for your femme fans suggests some special distribution in those places where women predominate, such as restaurants, women’s shops, office build¬ ings, beauty shops, etc. Just add a headline: “EXTRA”—and billing below illustration. Print on colored news stock for circus-herald effect. ASK FANS: “DO YOU LIKE MEN ROUGH?” Here’s an interesting contest cued by the two romantic themes in “Body and Soul”. For the most interesting letters received in answer to the contest question, award a suitable number of guest tickets. Plant this in newspaper or make local reprints for distribution in women’s shops and around town. LADIES! HOW DO YOU LIKE ’EM? ttoae#/” SM0077// John Garfield with Hazel Brooks in John Garfield with Lilli Palmer in Enterprise Studio's "Body and Soul". Enterprise Studio's "Body and Soul". There's a rumor going around (put out by a man, no doubt!) that women like their men to treat 'em rough! If we take Hollywood's word for it, through the beautiful person of Hazel Brooks, that's exactly right! She takes it—and loves it—from middleweight champ John Garfield in the new United Artists release, "Body and Soul". On the other hand there is luscious Lilli Palmer who likes her ro¬ mance smooth—with all holds barred! She does all right, too! So let your hair down, ladies, and tell all! For the ten most inter¬ esting letters received on the subject: "Do you like your men rough —or smooth?"—there will be ten pairs of guest tickets to see John Garfield with Lilli Palmer and Hazel Brooks in "Body and Soul". MAT (2N) .30 FIGHT POSTER Let the sports fans in town know about the championship fight coming to town in “Body and Soul”, with a fight poster featuring John Garfield and that well-known wel¬ terweight Artie Dorrell. Distribute these posters around town in gyms, men’s clubs, arenas, store windows and tack them on fences. Order Still BS 91 from Nation¬ al Screen. MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT fiotkj d*>i/Sou/' Coming FRIDAY to the .THEATRE ART STILLS These 8x10 stills are prepared from the ads and are available for lobby and display pur¬ poses. Order by number from National Screen Exchange. Page Eight BS-ART 2