Body and Soul (United Artists) (1947)

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LILLI PALMER AND HAZEL BROOKS MODEL BODY AND SOUL" GOWNS a/tarion Herwood Keyes, chief 1 A designer for Enterprise Studios, created special afternoon and dinner gowns for Lilli Palmer and Hazel Brooks in their latest picture, “Body and Soul” which co-stars John Gar¬ field. Each dress was designed from an original sketch, illustrated here. This draped, hip-swathed beige crepe afternoon gown, worn by Hazel Brooks, accents the young actress’perfect figure. The swathed effect is repeated at the bust. For Lilli Palmer, Miss Keyes has created a youthful street dress. The simple flared skirt and the black detail on the collar are high-style touches. For dinner wear Lilli Palmer wears a black off-the-shoulder gown with diagonal strap sleeves and vertical piping of contrasting white. Hazel Brooks also wears a black off-the-shoulder gown. Designed by Marion Herwood Keyes, this smart figure- flattering dress is made of black satin. A black Alencon lace insert at the bodice sets off a modified bertha. Note the interesting hip treatment of a gathered side drape. The skirt features the newest side slit to slightly below the knee. Mat (5B) .75 Stills: "BS Fashion Stills — set of 9" The fascinating fashions designed for Lilli Palmer and Hazel Brooks in “Body And Soul” are presented here in mat form for newspaper fashion page. For a follow-up stunt, plan a “Design Your Own” contest to be sponsored by the leading department store, offering appropriate prizes for the most attractive fashion designs made by local women and completed with yard goods purchased at the sponsoring store. The store should publicize this contest in their ads and in their windows, using the fashion layout above or the component stills as the basis of the tie-up. Order mat and/or stills by number from your National Screen Exchange. Art School Contest Contact art schools and interest them in co-operating on a self- portrait or watercolor contest using the stills of Lilli Palmer and John Garfield, reproduced above, for announcement art in the theatre and at the art schools. Students and amateur artists should be invited to draw self- portraits or watercolor subjects in the lobby of your theatre. A group of prominent artists in town can be asked to serve as judges and the winning portrait should be exhibited in the theatre next to a blow-up of the Lilli Palmer’s “Body and Soul” portrait. Art supplies, a course at the art school and guest tickets should be awarded the winners. The press should be invited to cover the event for a newspaper story and picture coverage. For publicity and display purposes, order stills above by number from your National Screen Exchange. Page Seven