Body and Soul (United Artists) (1947)

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X PLAY SUITS These 8xio stills provide a diversified selection of tie-in art for a great many windows around town. For added visual appeal, mount each still on a mat — and use one of the regular colored 11x14s for displaying title and star credits. Order stills by number from your National Screen Exchange. Hazel Brooks BS-S-53 Hazel Brooks BS-S-122 Lilli Palmer BS-P-87 BATHING SUITS Hazel Brooks BS-S-120 Hazel Brooks BS-S-106 Hazel Brooks BS-S-109 DRESSES Hazel Brooks BS-F-17 Hazel Brooks BS-F-8 PET SHOP Hazel Brooks BS-S-150 Hazel Brooks BS-S-91 NEWSSTANDS TOILETRIES NEGLIGEE LINENS TRAVEL SILVERWARE HUNTING Lilli Palmer BS-S-77 Hazel Brooks B5-S-89 Hazel Brooks BS-S-110 Hazel Brooks BS-S-124 John Garfield BS-S-100 CO-OP AD HEADING KEYED TO TITLE SEE JOHN GARFIELD LILLI PALMER HAZEL BROOKS IN ENTERPRISE STUDIOS’ BODY AND SOUL GIFTS to beautify the body and delight the soul... This 5-col. art can serve as the basis of a department store ad selling such feminine items for “body and soul" as negligees, perfumes, handkerchiefs, beauty treatments, ladies’ jewelry, etc. Heading can also be used to top off a page of individual merchant ads; or the idea carried into merchant window displays. Order Mat (5A) .75 Page Six