Body and Soul (United Artists) (1947)

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MILLIONS PRESOLD BY PRINCESS PAT TIE-VP Hazel Brooks has been featured in a tieup with Princess Pat Liptone. Full color, full page ads are running in these leading national magazines: Hunter Screen Unit Fawcett Women's Group Dell Modern Group Cosmopolitan Today's Woman Glamour Redbook Vogue COMBINED CIRCULATION: 10,710,000 For local outlets contact: Patricia Gordon, Princess Pat, 2709 South Wells Street, Chicago, Illinois WHAT YOU GAN DO: Enlarge the ad (get it from one of the publications listed—October issues) and display with Still BS-X-38 of Hazel Brooks (shown above) for attractive beauty shop, drug or department store window or counter displays. AMERICAN BEMBERG FEATURES HAZEL BROOKS FASHIONS American Bemberg is featuring Hazel Brooks in a full page, full color ad appearing in Town and Country in October. The dress worn by Miss Brooks (reproduced here), designed by Marion Harwood Keyes from Bemberg Rayon, is shown in the ad. See page 7 for fashion layout of ‘Tody and Soul” gowns which also feature the Bemberg print. That, together with the Bemberg ad, gives you two excellent promotion pieces for counter and window display and for the ‘‘Design Your Own” Contest suggested on Page 7. Still shown here, to be used for display purposes, is BS-F-g, available at your National Screen Exchange. Still BS-F-9 STRATFORD PEN PROMOTION STARS JOHN GARFIELD The Stratford Pen Dependable Performer campaign features John Garfield and gives full credits to ‘‘Body and Soul”. The ads will be seen by millions of readers of: Look • Saturday Evening Post • Life New York Times Magazine Section LOCALLY you can arrange for a giveaway tie-in of Strat¬ ford Pens for the suggested contest ideas in the Exploitation section, in addition to window displays and co-op advertising. CENTURY PUBLICATIONS MOVIE EDITION Century Publications have published a special movie edition of ‘‘Body and Soul” with a jacket following the style of the posters. This novelization will have an initial run of 150,000 copies, distributed nationally. FOLLOW THROUGH by contacting Century distribu¬ tors locally for window and counter displays and co-op ads. Use ad mats as the basis of such co-op ads. Paee Five