Body and Soul (United Artists) (1947)

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McGregor campaign in EVERLAST SATEVEPOST KEYS SPORTSWEAR TIE-UP! PLANNING EXTENSIVE TIE-UP ON "RODY AND SOUL" BOUTS FOR BOYS Millions of Saturday Evening Post readers throughout the nation will see John Garfield in a McGregor sport shirt full color ad. Reprints of this ad have been forwarded to more than 4,000 retail stores featuring McGregor merchandise along with a large background poster featuring Koda- chrome shots of John Garfield. For local outlets, contact: Mervin Elliot, c/o David Doniger & Co., Inc., 303 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. LOCALLY, this ad, enlarged, with stills of John Garfield, will provide attractive sportswear window or counter displays. (Ad, not yet ready at press time, is shown here in rough). An extensive tieup with Everlast Sporting Goods will give unique publicity to “Body and Soul.” Here’s what has been done: 1 * They are sponsoring “Body and Soul’’ bouts for boys of the twelve to fifteen group tieing in with the picture. • They have prepared a special display which they sent to sporting goods stores throughout the country using stills from the picture along with their equipment. 3 * They have arranged for a special “Body and Soul’’ trophy for their outlets to be given to the winners of the “Body and Soul” bouts. 4 * They have sent a letter to all Everlast Distributors urging that they make their stores “Boxing Headquarters” in their town with special “Body and Soul” windows. WHAT YOU CAN DO - Co-operate with Everlast dealers on the boys bouts. You will find the police department glad to co-operate, as well as the local Churches, schools and welfare agencies. Everlast will help with the prizes including boxing gloves autographed by John Garfield and Jack Dempsey. For publicity and display purposes,* use fight stills from “Body and Soul” shown below. For details concerning local outlets contact: Dan Golomb, Everlast Sporting Goods Co., 26 E. 14th Street, New York City. Still BS-S-1 Still BS-S-13 Still BS-X-18 Order stills by number from your local Nation¬ al Screen Exchange. Still BS-X-86 Page Four