Body and Soul (United Artists) (1947)

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■k itOMotO^ * OUTSTANDING MUSIC PROMOTION PLANNED BY FOUR COMPANIES Decca Records is putting out an album by Johnny Green, composer of “Body and Soul”. The album will be called “Body and Soul” and will feature credit copy for the picture as well as credits on the label of the record itself. Decca will back the cam¬ paign with dealer displays of streamers, hangers, etc. IN ADDITION — “Body and Soul” has been re¬ corded by Decca with Carmen Cavallero. This rec¬ ord also carries credits for the film on the label of the record. A THIRD recording of “Body and Soul” by Decca Records will feature Jimmy Dorsey and his band. RCA Victor is putting out two VBody and Soul” records, one by Tex Beneke and one by Perry Como. Both these records will re¬ ceive widespread promotion. CONTACT RCA Victor dis¬ tributors! They have been urged by their home office to arrange special stunts with disc jockeys in addition to record shop displays. DISC RECORDS Disc Records features an unusual treat¬ ment of “Body and Soul” in their album “Jazz At The Philharmonic”. They have prepared special streamers which carry movie credits and are prepared to co-op¬ erate on special window displays. HERE'S HOW TO PROMOTE THE MUSIC LOCALLY! T X AKE advantage of the wealth of national music promotions ready to work for you on the hit tune “Body and Soul.” Plan for: — CO-OP AD Arrange for a music store co-op ad plugging the recordings and sheet music from “Body and Soul”. Copy for co-op headline can read: “You’ll go for it. Body and Soul— So get that hit song, “Body and Soul”, from the picture “Body and Soul”, on Decca, RCA Victor, Co¬ lumbia and Disc Records!” ■■■■■■■■■ Hazel Brooks, singing “Body and Soul’’. Order Still No. BSS 31 for window displays. > I ■HHH WINDOW DISPLAYS Build a display of records, albums and sheet music on “Body and Soul” using the specially prepared display material available from all record companies. Add a blow-up of the new “Body and Soul” sensa¬ tion, Hazel Brooks, who sings the title song. DANCE BANDS Contact leading dance bands in town and supply them with sheet music. Arrange with the restaurants or clubs where these bands are fea¬ tured for table tent card announce¬ ments of a “Body and Soul” lucky dance number. Picture credits should appear on card. SHEET mUSH Sheet music on “Body and Soul” has been published by Harms, Inc. The title sheet, reproduced here, carries full credits. It will be distributed nationally. This seventeen-year-old torch song was first introduced by Libby Holman in “Three’s A Crowd” and is now due for a big revival. NEW COLUMBIA RECORD Columbia Records are planning to release a “Body and Soul” recording . . . backed by an extensive dealer campaign and coverage in their various publications. Check with local Columbia Records distributors regarding details of this campaign. I : ■ Page Three