That Man in Istanbul (Columbia Pictures) (1965)

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He’s no secret agent...he’s a crook! : : Sonua #2 ete Life Magazine Loves ‘That Man’ The rave for “That Man in Istanbul” is in Life Magazine, issue of February 25th .. . and it is in Ad No. 303, left, the Life Magazine rave also has been incorporated into and Ad Nos. 301, 304, 401 and new Ad No. 402 (on reverse side). These revised ad mats are now available at Na tional Screen Service. Use them! In addition however, make certain this Life Magazine rave is sniped into your posters, included in all your displays, and incorporated into your publicity wherever possible! HORST BUCHOLZ “rater “THAT MAN IN ISTANBUL" with SYLVE Ao] ER on MARIO ADORF bincrsitarie Ey ” GEORGE SIMONELLI — } NAT WACHSBERGER Music Composed by GEORGES GARVARENTZ Executive Producer NAT WACHSBERGER Directed by ANTHONY ISASI All material in this pressbook has been approved under the MPAA Advertising Code, o self-regulatory procedure of the Motion Picture Association of America. Ad No. 303—300 Lines—3 Cols. x 7!/g Inches PRINTED IN U. S. A,