That Man in Istanbul (Columbia Pictures) (1965)

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PRESSBOOK INSERT “A FRANTIC TURKISH DELIGHT! A LOT OF FUN! | HAD A WONDERFUL TIME WATCHING IT AND UNHESITATINGLY RECOMMEND IT!” ~ feet He’s no 2. o agent... ESE : ue z he’s a secret ef 3 nse AVA» crook! Se ae yA pen a aaaracaaes PUES porn five BUCHOLZ « ANTHONY See eipag Uuel MAN IN ISTANBUL’ 4 e. = Screenplay by GEORGE SIMONELLI ‘ ee apes gpe ogg a HEE Bs) a °F and | Music Composed oe Ecemee Bi uber Directed ay aie GEORGES GARVARENTZ NATWACHSBERGER + ANTHONY ISASI = = Ad No. 402—412 Lines (including imprint space) —4 Cols. x 734 Inches Copyright © 1966, Columbia Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved