That Man in Istanbul (Columbia Pictures) (1965)

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the adventure that’s so’'s outrageous! Ta "Ha Mal in IET{NBUL ..... : Tony the Turk © does with redheads isa crime... what _ he does et ai, : E He’s no secret agent... he’s a crook! ry oF TECHNISCOPE crime is delicious! COLUMBIA PICTURES presents HORST BUCHOLZ °i::.\Fin” “THAT MAN IN ISTANBUL’ with SYLVA KOSCINA PERRETTE PRADIER ana MARIO ADORF Screenplay by GEORGE SIMONELLI and NAT WACHSBERGER Music Composed by GEORGES GARVARENTZ Executive Producer NAT WACHSBERGER Directed by ANTHONY ISASI BUILD YOUR BOX OFFICE WITH THESE MINIATURE HERALDS $6.50 Per Thousand F.0.B. Plant WE IMPRINT FOR YOU.... One day service to Imprint & Ship Imprinting cost extra....... see prices in box below YOUR IMPRINT GOES HERE Please type or print legibly your imprint copy. IMPRINTING This cost in addition to cost fof heralds. 4 lines of type each 4°" long. First 1,000 $5.00 Additional thousands $3.50 per thousand Over 5,000 $3.00: per thousand Extra copy 40¢ a 4°” line FOLDING $2.00 per thousand Rush Your Orders Direct To: Harry K. McWittiams and associates 405 Broome St. New York, N.Y. 10013 Phone 212 CAnal 6-3335 for Rush Orders ANSWERS TO PUZZLE FROM INSIDE SPREAD