That Man in Istanbul (Columbia Pictures) (1965)

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Some Men are Like Camp; ‘That Man’ is Like WOW! Horst Bucholz, shown at left, in one of more peaceful scenes from ‘‘That Man in Istanbul.’’ The villains have the gadgets; he has the girls. Plus a considerable agility . . . ingenuity . . . and a sense of humor. In a spot like this, what would you say? “Well, if it isn’t Mack the Knife!” __ ““l suppose you're making a point?” “You sure this is a better blade?”’ (Or, write your own dialogue below) LET ‘THAT MAN IN ISTANBUL’ PUZZLE YOU! 8. The things a man usually thinks worth making 9. Usually initiates the morning after 10. Admit the professor muy have a point 11. Supposedly moribund 19th century political philosophy (abbr.) 12. Where Humphrey Bogart spent a great deal of screen time 14. Domestic bill collector 18. A go go catalyst 19. The more, the more shocking 20. The bird who understands chicks 23. The one thing he’ll promise for ACROSS DOWN 26. Roman gladiators 25. Yesterday’ 1. A timber tree esterday s mate 27. Florida, of all places! 26. A compound which may be _ 1. F k é Sat as 29. Hub of the Universe 5. Sometimes their values are regarded as formed by ] relative patiideatient of theeci 2. What a boy usually gives : : oie Trigger? 13. Before zippers there was be dnaes of an gees a girl 31. It’s nothing, nothing it all much for a man to esse. s ap or inorganic, by a 3. One American way of life 32. A syllable applied toa stanbul.’’ Naturally, you also 14. Stri en ydrocarbon radical thine ck, tone of the diatonic scale » problem or how unexpectedly} .°. PPers aim 98: Everywhere geass ac ; in solmization fit of a couple of fine script] '5Approval -plus check! -a: Erecttog, aoase tags ius ncaa 30. A time when all that inspired by bread ANSWERS TO 2 writers, but then, you would matters is the present -P : 6. ‘Yes, but is it?’’ Id you? If, however, you feel} '6 eet peenior wa Lote 33. Glieicead oe ic ee oo PUZZLE conds): 17. Turkish fez hue -34, Where the Greeks rallied make something ON BACK PAGE elapse be vers Work This One Alone. . .Together. . . came to Eveleen 22. Prof’s expression, means 8 is (anon Son poe Or as a Contest In Sex-Superiority! get?’’ frogi’” 24. Of each an equal quanAll you need is a partner (male or female, depending upon whatever _— bundling!’ aly eds it is you are majoring in, off-campus. . .two pencils. . .a classmate who takes notes. . .and some spare time. Proceed as follows: (1) sharpen the pencils; (2) borrow some paper from the classmate who takes notes, and then lose him; (3) use the spare time in a vocabulary test. How many eight-letter words can you make out of the letters in ‘‘Istanbul’’? How many seven-letter words? Six-letter words? Five-letter words? (Four-letter words only if you’re a student at Berkeley!) When the spare time is up, cross out all words common to each of you. Remaining eight-letter words count eight points, etc. Best score doesn’t prove a thing about sex-superiority; that’s a different spare time problem! FOR TODAY.... orgotten —— that Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchavufish on my side; nobody fish in the middle.’’ This is an item and kindred controversial fields. If you are studying some1ame; you never know when it may come in useful. Practice ctice it while you’re seeing ‘‘That Man in Istanbul,’’ how