That Man in Istanbul (Columbia Pictures) (1965)

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CAN YOU RESIST MYSTERY.. .INTRIGUE. .. A DIABOLICAL PLOT? TEST YOUR SECRET AGENT QUOTIENT WITH THESE CONFOUNDING PUZZLES .. AND KEEP YOUR EYE ON THal MaN in [STaNBUL DETAILS ON BACK PAGE Put Yourself in This Picture! ~He’s an American lover-boy in Istanbul. She’s a chick who _knows her way around. Now, put yourself in this picture. Write your own dialogue; the sample sets the scene. Keep _your stuff bright, brief, beautiful. . .and use every letter in the alphabet. (If you’re a language major, then of course _you should write that sentence in the language of your hoice: Turkish? Urdu? Esperante? Hindi? Whatever it is, ake it better, and briefer, than your classmate’s!) (Sample: “Search me! Zaza is hiding no million dollars you want to hi-jack! But, querida mia, Zaza just loves that nickel candy you spent six whole cents for!’’)