That Man in Istanbul (Columbia Pictures) (1965)

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AG INO. 4U1 Publicity Mat 1 1-A SNe &G E Publicity Mat 2-A ath VEO HMNICGLAR Jil TECHMaCorEe? | What Tony the Turk does with redheads is a crime .. what he does with crime is delicious! | He’s no secret agent...he’s a crook! COLUMBIA PICTURES presents > HORST BUCHOLZ in An Anthony Isasi , secret agent... he’s a crook! WSS? “THAT MAN 2? IN ISTANBUL” FRR P33 gaen® | PROMI ACG we? a S Ad No. 103—75 Lines 1 Col. x 556 Inches TECHMICOLORS TECHHISCOPE™ COLUMBIA PICTURES presents in An Anthony Isasi Film HORST BUCHOLZ “THAT MAN IN ISTANBUL’ with SYLVA KOSCING -PERRETTE PRADIER on MARIO ADORF ey | Screenplay by GEORGE SIMONELLI and NAT WACHSBERGER COLUMBIA PICTURES present LUMBIA PICTURE Music Composed by GEORGES GARVARENTZ Executive Producer NAT WACHSBERGER \ HORST BUCHOLZ om ease ee Directed by ANTHONY ISASI | \ in An Anthony Isasi Film “THAT MAN IN ISTANBUL” ith, in An Anthony Isasi Film Ad No. 104—49 Lines 1 Col. x 3% Inches | Tk Har | '_MaNin IsTaNBuL TECHAICGL GRO YECRNISSOPES Ad No. 203—150 Lines 2 Cols. x 536 Inches IS eens Ad No. 102—28 Lines 1 Col. x 2 Inches TECHMICOLEN TECHMISCOPES ; Se HORST BUCHOLZ "*" “fin” '*" “THAT MAN IN ISTANBUL” with SYLVA KOSCINAPERRETTE PRADIER og MARIO ADORE Screenplay by GEORGE SIMONELLI and NAT WACHSBERGER : Music Composed by GEORGES GARVARENTZ Executive Producer NAT WACHSBERGER Directed by ANTHONY ISASI He's no secret agent... Crook! n a HORST BUCHOL va PHA Si Ow BRC oe REI he aOMEneSESS ANAT ONS f 3 SHEET Ad No. 303—306 Lines 3 Cols. x 7% Inches oes x Ts, J cz “a ACCESSORIES cf nr K y * ONE SHEET e SLIDE y eS * THREE SHEET ®° EIGHT 11 x 14’s i araimcs of a All advertising material in this press book, as well as L 1A PICTURES presents in An Anthony Isasi Film ici i © SIX SHEET ° COLOR STILLS HORST BUCHOLZ “THAT MAN IN ISTANBUL” 3 all other newspaper and publicity material, has © 22 x 28 ° 40 x 60 SYLVA KOACINA: PERRETTE PRADIEN ono MARIO ADORE peoecnpt ee Sage: eae Ce a pene “4 $ Screenplay by GEORGE SIMONELLI and NATWACHSBERGER ssi‘ ist! as a self-regulatory procedure of the Motion Picture e INSERT CARD ® WINDOW CARD Music pa Hf GEORGES GARVARENTZ. Executive Producer NAT WACHSBERGER Association of America. Directed by HONY ISASI ° TRAILER * UTILITY MAT All inquiries on this procedure, which is voluntarily subscribed Order From | to by the major motion picture companies, may be addressed 1 SHEET National Screen Service | | | to: Advertising Code Administrator, Motion Picture AssociaAd No. 201—110 Lines 2 Cols. x 3% Inches tion of America, 522 Fifth Ave., New York City 36, N.Y.