That Man in Istanbul (Columbia Pictures) (1965)

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ME is De BS. eM posh Horst Bucholz | UES CSS ae ne ORGS hoe A a Sylva Koscina PARR FU, ARN ise ES a 3 aaa Mario Adorf BOON 2555.55 rcccapotd hbceh teen thereon’ Perrette Pradier ROMO N pcarec idee Pi pce oak CU es ek aan Klaus Kinski ISIE SAGES Ts pO aS) aor Alvaro de Luna RR ARN See <2, Uh earn ee Gustavo Re REO 8 socio tiats cists ener, Christine Maybach IN... TI. wh beech aia A Gerard Tychy NARI eae x eek 9: Senne Augustin Gonzales THE CREDITS Director, Anthony Isasi; Screenplay by George Simonelli and Nat Wachsberger; Photography, Juan Gelpi; Music composed by Georges Garvarentz; Dialog, Lewis Howard; Main Title, Jean Fouchet; Production Manager, Anthony Irles; Executive Producer, Nat Wachsberger; A Constantin—Film Production in Technicolor ® and Techniscope ®. A Columbia Pictures Release. THE STORY (Not for Publication) When the United States pays a million dollars ransom for a kidnapped atom scientist, and he is not returned, a girl named Kenny— a government agent—takes off on her own for Istanbul where the ransom act was staged. She interests Tony MacDonald, light-hearted young American night club owner and gambler in Turkey, and the million dollars interests him even more. Tony finds himself in a constant squeeze between the secret, power-mad organization of individuals who have the money and the scientist, and a group of Chinese agents eagerly seeking both. Tony is both hunter and hunted, but his death-defying battles and ingenious escapes bring him ever closer to his dual goals. In time, Tony manages to return the scientist to America; he will keep Kenny and the million dollars. Running Time: 117 Minutes ‘That Man in Istanbul’ Has a Million Dollars BALLY GIRL Send a pretty girl, costumed in a modified belly dancer’s costume, ae to radio/TV and newspaper ™ people bearing gifts of Turkish cigarettes, Turkish paste candy, Turkish wine, figs, etc., with an invitation to attend the opening of the picture. ~ Screen Adventurers Horst Bucholz is a modern-day agent in “That Man in Istanbul,” an action-adventurer with the derringdo ingenuity and light-hearted romantic appeal of the current crop who have made motion picture history. Plan a contest in which a local deejay asks listeners to identify stars playing similar adventurers, sleuths and agents im owrlar Flean & ase i of the pictures. Correct c to “That Man in Istanb | Who was that man in ‘D Who was that man in ™ Who was that man in “T Who was that man in “T Who was that man in ° Alec Guinness Who was that man in “To Catch a Thief?” Cary Grant FUN-FILLED TABLOID! 4-Page Miniature Herald Plugs ‘That Man in Istanbul’ via Contests ... Games... Stills Specifically slanted towards college and high school audiences! $6.50 ‘FoR Pian Back page carries ad for film and space for theatre imprint. IMPRINTING WITH ORDER This cost in addition to cost of heralds. 4 lines of type each 4” long. First 1,000 $5.00 Additional thousands $3.50 per thousand. Over 5,000 $3.00 per thousand. Extra copy 40c a 4” line. FOLDING $2.00 per thousand. Rush Your Orders Direct To: HARRY K. McWILLIAMS and ASSOCIATES 405 Broome St. New York, N.Y. 10013 Phone: (212) CAnal 6-3335 MYSTERY MAN The faces of the ruthless kidnappers in “That Man in Istanbul” are disguised by nylon stockings pulled over their heads. Plan promotion stunts on this with the cooperation of a radio station or newspaper. ® Have a deejay sponsor a “raffles” stunt, wherein he tells listeners one of the men of mystery in the film will appear around town carrying a brief case supposedly holding $1,000,000. Contestants identify him by asking if he is “That Man in Istanbul,” and receive guest tickets. In a newspaper tie-in, the contestant must have a copy of the paper when making the identification. * Newspaper runs photo of a man wearing a nylon stocking over his head under the heading: “Find ‘That Man in Istanbul!’” Readers spotting the disguised man around town, as suggested above, to win guest tickets. FEZ UP TO IT! The fez, a red felt cap with a tassel, national headdress of the Turks, is much in evidence in “That Man in Istanbul,” and should be used in your pro motion of the picture. Here are several suggestions: * Post an offer on a lobby board to admit first patrons wearing a fez as your guests. * Local novelty shops stock inexpensive paper fez’s. Imprint with picture copy and have youngsters wear them around town in advance. ® Another idea would be to have a bally wearing a fez walk through town carrying a suitcase with copy: “$1,000,000 for ‘That Man in Istanbul.’ State Theatre.” TOUGH SPOTS Horst Bucholz finds himself in a considerable number of desperate situations as “That Man in Istanbul,” a fact that can prompt a radio and/or newspaper-sponsored contest. In either case entrants are to send in postcards describing briefly the “Toughest Spot” they were ever in. The most interesting should be read over the air or reproduced in the paper, with the author interviewed. CLASSIFIED AD Here’s a classified ad for your newspaper that should stir up interest in your playdate: “LOST—$1,000,000. No Questions Asked if Returned Immediately. Call, (Theatre Number).” Cashier answering phone can tell inquirers to see “That Man in Istanbul” for further information. Worth of Action ... Comedy... Thrills ...Girls! Million-Dollar Ideas Horst Bucholz’s objective in the picture is the recovery of $1,000,000 in currency. It’s an impressive amount of money and can be an interesting gimmick to attract attention to your playdate. Try these: * Have a disc jocky alert the public's attention by telling them his representative would question passersby on a problem concerning a million dollars. The man appointed will query those he stops on the street; “If you counted a dollar bill every second, day and night, how long would it take you to count $1,000,000?” The answer is approximately 14 days and those estimating closest are to be presented with guest admissions. * Another stunt would be to have a radio personality have listeners estimate the height of a stack of new one dollar bills if placed one on top of the other. The answer is 358 feet, 1/4, inch. An added contest might be based on listeners guessing the weight of 1,000,000 dollar bills. The answer is 2,125 pounds, slightly more than a ton of paper money. In the theatre lobby, of course, there might be seemingly-filled money sacks with the dollar sign— “$”’—near posters and art calling attention to the film ... And, of course, there is the perennial favorite, “What Would You Do With a Million Dollars?” as a take-off for a radio forum or newspaper write-in contest... Alternatively, it might cue an out-front still display: “See What ‘That woos in Istanbul’ Must Do For a Million Dollars!” SELLING AIDS TV TRAILERS All the fun and excitement of the film in your TV campaign, with space for local announcer to add theatre and playdate information. Final frame for super-imposed visual credits, if desired. Order from your Columbia exchange. TRANSCRIPTIONS Radio spot announcements, all open end for local commentator to add theatre credits. Order from your Columbia exchange. TELOPS Information about telops, style and prices, may be obtained by writing direct to QQ Title Card Co., 247 W. 46th Street, New York, N. Y. 10036. NATIONAL FLAG DISPLAYS 3 pce. Streamer, $21.50; De Luxe Sectional Valance, $2.15 per running foot— minimum length, 10 feet; Usher Badges, 50¢; 9’ x 12’ Flags or Wall Banners, single-faced, $80., double-faced, $145. Order from National Screen Service.