That Man in Istanbul (Columbia Pictures) (1965)

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He’s no secret agent..... he’s Watch the fantastic million-dollar blow-up! : : | Wateh “Baby Fat” strip for action! | | ‘Watch “The Hook” get hooked | on the minaret! . Watch the Turkish Bath get really hot! = Boa po Be | me = | | f A OER Ewe ® L rECHMICOLOR yey Bi TECHNISCOPE | Kea Lil es Hee) AUN SAS ST Pr “aN wee) ae LY pe yw rare AD COLUMBIA PICTURES presents HORST BUCHOLZ in an anthony tsasi rim THAT MAN IN ISTANBUL’ with SYLVA KOSCINA+ PERRETTE PRADIER nu VARIO ADO Screenplay by GEORGE SIMONELLI and NAT WACHSBERGER °* Music Composed by GEORGES GARVARENTZ Executive Producer NAT WACHSBERGER : Directed by ANTHONY ISASI & Wheels tie ene Se SPD ca ae OARS OPES PEPE ESES SS OSES IS ESEENESIS SSS ESSIEN SLES SAARI ESSELTE ERSESSSSSSCSOSESES ES SS ESSE ENSSSSESES SEES SPSS SS SEES ESSE SES ES ELLSSEESES REESE EP EEEESEEESESESEOSSRISSSESSELNSEEELLEEAEESEEEEES LEDER ESESEG ESLER ESELSES ESS LEELA EEE, Ad No. 401—552 Lines 4 Cols. x 934 Inches (Also available as 3 Col. Ad No. 301—327 Lines 3 Cols. x 734 Inches) COLUMBIA PRESSBOOK Copyright © 1966, Columbia Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved OFFICIAL BILLING COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents HORST BUCHOLZ An Anthony Isasi Film THAT MAN IN ISTANBUL 25% 100% 20% 100% with SYLVA KOSCINA and MARIO ADORF Screenplay by GEORGE SIMONELLI and PERRETTE PRADIER 35% 100% 15% , NAT WACHSBERGER Music Composed by GEORGES GARVARENTZ = 15% Executive Producer NAT WACHSBERGER 15% Directed by ANTHONY ISASI 15% TECHNICOLOR ® TECHNISCOPE ® 25% (Mat 2A; Still No. 58) Horst Bucholz, as a light-hearted adventurer in Turkey, faces a considerable number of perils in the course of “That Man in Istanbul,” Columbia Pictures release in color. One such peril is the gentleman with the knife, above; others are lovely Sylva Koscina, who plays an FBI agent, and Perrette Pradier. ‘That Man in Istanbul’ Review A thoroughly enjoyable addition to the present screen flood of secret agent adventures is to be found at [8 Yeo tants ey prereset Deas Theatre in “That Man in Istanbul.” In fact, “That Man in Istanbul,” new Columbia Pictures release in Technicolor and Techniscope, probably is even more enjoyable than most. With Horst Bucholz in the title role, “That Man in Istanbul” is a wild, ingenious and _ suspenseful comedy involving a million dollars and a kidnapped American atom scientist, the exotic city of Istanbul, the FBI, a Chinese espionage ring, a group of power-mad individuals determined to rule the world. Bucholz, as an American playboy, a night club owner and gambler in the Turkish city, becomes mixed-up with all of them in his light-hearted pursuit of both the million dollars and the girl, an FBI agent, who attracts his attention. Bucholz’ quest for the million and the girl brings him into numerous awkward situations and his escapades are ingenious indeed. Also ingenious are his various romantic escapades — with the girl who is really an FBI agent and not a strip-tease artist as she originally claims, with the daughter of a millionaire yachtsman, with various blondes, brunettes and _ red-heads whom he meets in the course of his chasing and being chased around Istanbul . . . in bedrooms, on _ balconies, in a Turkish bath, in hotel swimming pools and wherever else there are girls ... and gangsters. “That Man in Istanbul” is a happy combination of fun and action. Sylva Koscina plays the girl who involves Bucholz in the chase for a million dollars and is_ herself chased by him. Mario Adorf also is featured as one of the colderblooded villains and Perrette Pradier figures importantly as the yachtsman’s daughter. Nat Wachsberger served as executive producer for the film, and penned the screenplay with George Simonelli. Anthony Isasi directed, with a keen sense of humor. Horst Bucholz In a strange paradox, one of Hollywood’s hottest and most exciting young stars has never made a picture in Hollywood. The actor is Horst Bucholz, who is starred in “That Man in Istanbul,” the Co lumbia Pictures “secret agent’ thriller at the ................ Theatre. The comedy suspense-thriller features Sylva Koscina, Perrette Pradier and Mario Adorf. Bucholz leaped from top boxoffice star in European films to a succession of major starring roles in Hollywood films made in Mexico, Germany, India, France, Italy, Egypt and Yugoslavia—everywhere but the United States. Bucholz first won fame in German films but his recent career includes stardom in seven straight English language motion pictures and in two major Broadway productions. Bucholz made his American film debut as a Mexican gunman in “The Magnificent Seven” (made in Mexico). This was followed by his sensitive portrayal of Marius in Joshua Logan’s screen production of “Fanny” (made in France). In this film, German-born Bucholz played a Frenchman with the same depth of feeling and conviction with which he played a Polish seaman in “Tiger Bay,” Hayley Mills’ debut picture which won Bucholz an armful of European film festival awards. After “Fanny,” Bucholz starred with James Cagney in Billy Wilder’s “One, Two, Three” (made in Germany), followed with the starring role in Mark Robson’s “Nine Hours to Rama,” (filmed in India), “The Empty Canvas,” (made in Italy) in which he co-starred with Bette Davis, and his recently completed title role in “Marco Polo” (filmed in Egypt and Yugoslavia). Sylva Koscina Lovely Italian actress Sylva Koscina had to take sharply-diverse lessons for her feature role in “That Man in Istanbul,” new Columbia Pictures comedy-action adventure starring Horst Bucholz at the ........ Theatre. Miss Koscina had to study judo and other unarmed combat techniques, and she also had to learn how to do an alluring strip-tease. She plays an FBI agent in the Bosphorus city who helps Bucholz recover a million dollars in loot and a kidnapped atom scientist. Perrette Pradier and Mario Adorf are featured in the Technicolor-Techniscope thriller. General Advance In a city which embraces both East and West, as well as the ladies thereof, Horst Bucholz and an international star cast have made “That Man in Istanbul,” new Columbia Pictures release opening bsaieneasdtyne tte? At ANG sc sccameneiinnt te Theatre in Technicolor and Techniscope. light-hearted suspensethriller involving a million dollars in ransom money and a kidnapped atom scientist, girls, a Chinese espionage ring and a group of individuals determined to rule the world, and more girls, “That Man in Istanbul” reportedly is a delightful addition to—and a thorough-going spoof of— the current cinema crop of secret agent antics and romantics. Bucholz plays an American playboy in the exotic, erotic Turkish city; a night club owner and gambler who becomes involved in the quest for the missing million. The missing atom scientist is only incidental to Bucholz, he is far more interested in a would-be stripper who really is an American intelligence agent. She is much prettier. Italy’s provocative Sylva Koscina plays the girl whose knowledge of the art of judo is far greater than her capabilities as a strip-tease performer, and France’s equally provocative Perrette Pradier plays another of the many international beauties with whom Bucholz tangles in the course of his gay pursuit of loot, not love. Mario Adorf also is featured, as one of the more ruthless killers whom Bucholz ingeniously battles, or escapes from. Advance Notice A light-hearted suspense-thriller, “That Man in Istanbul” opens.......... BUDE! isecotocessses Theatre with Horst Bucholz in the title role. Sylva Koscina, Perrette Pradier and Mario Adorf are featured in the Columbia release, a comedy drama of a playboy’s one-man fight to recover a stolen million dollars and a_ kidnapped atom scientist. George Simonelli and Nat Wachsberger penned the screenplay and Wachsberger served as executive producer. Anthony Isasi directed the film, in Technicolor and Techniscope. International! Horst Bucholz is the young international star of “That Man in Istanbul,” new Columbia Pictures release in Technicolor and ~~ TechniSCOPE al” Dkeiaicsiesiiass cece ae Theatre, a suspense-comedy of spies and adventurers and girls, with Bucholz playing an American who has settled down in the Turkish city as a playboy and gambler. Featured are Sylva Koscina, Italian actress who plays an FBI agent seeking a kidnapped atom scientist and a million dollars in ransom money: Perrette Pradier, the French beauty; and Mario Adorf, the German actor. Anthony Isasi, a Spanish filmmaker, directed the thriller with a sense of humor. (Mat 1A; Still No. 79) Horst Bucholz is “That Man in Istanbul,” in the new Columbia Pictures release in color. Sylva Koscina, at left. plays an FBI agent in the comedy-action thriller. Printed in U. S. A.