Rage (Columbia Pictures) (1966)

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Glenn Ford Can aa ee a eal Glenn Ford is one of those rare individuals who, having achieved stardom, has been able to sustain his star status for over a quarter of a century. This is no mean feat in Hollywood’s ephemeral world, where “stars” flare up for a brief period of ascendancy only to fade away. Currently, Ford is to be seen in “Rage,” the powerful new drama at the nda. Theatre that also stars Stella Stevens and David Reynoso. Filmed entirely in Mexico in Eastman color, the Columbia Pictures release was produced and directed by Gilberto Gazeon. In “Rage,” Ford plays a doctor in an isolated Mexican construction camp who is bitten by a rabid dog and runs a lifeand-death race against the onset of the deadly disease. Perhaps the principal factor in Ford’s long-range image as a Hollywood star is his iron-clad policy of avoiding any role he feels he might fail to make credible on the screen. Ford is almost brutally honest in his assessment of his acting abilities. “T’m not an actor,” he declares. “T play myself. I admire Alec Guinness and Laurence Olivier and other performers who can completely subordinate their own personality to the one they’re playing. My parts must be written with me in mind.” A full commander in the United States Naval Reserve, Ford enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1942. He claims to be the only American actor who made Adolf Stella Stevens a en ei andl Stella Stevens, one of Hollywood’s more. decorative actresses, moved into the charmed circle of serious dramatic actresses with a stunning performance in “Synanon,” a drama of drug addicts seeking rehabilitation. Currently, she’s starred with Glenn Ford and David Reynoso in “Rage,” the powerful new drama at the...... Theatre in Eastman color. “Rage,” a Columbia Pictures release, was filmed in Mexico. In “Rage.” Miss Stevens plays a sultry, would-be entertainer whose sordid existence has given her a strength of character which helps her to pierce another human being’s defensive shell—and to help him. The man is Ford, as a guilt-ridden doctor largely living out his existence in a drunken haze, in a remote Mexican construction camp. Unlike many Hollywood starlets who rise like a meteor only to plummet to earth just as fast, Stella Stevens developed slowly, taking her career step by step. She made her motion picture debut in “Say One for Me,” and then was tapped for a bigger role in “The Blue Angel.” Her big break came when she was cast in a starring role as Apassionata Von Climax in the film version of “Li’] Abner.” Stella teamed with Glenn Ford, for the first time, in “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father,” a film which established her undeniable comedy talent. She next starred with Jerry Lewis in “The Nutty Professor,” and again with Ford in New Romantic Team On the strength of their torrid love scenes in “Rage,” Columbia Pictures’ suspenseful drama at thee sce Theatre in Eastman color, Glenn Ford and Stella Stevens are being hailed as Hollywood’s newest romantic team. Ford and Miss Stevens previously teamed in two comedies, ‘The Courtship of Eddie’s Father” and “Advance to the Rear.” “Rage,” their first pairing in a drama, was produced and directed by Gilberto Gazcon and was filmed in its entirety in Mexico. “Rage” is a Cinematografica Jalisco, S.A. production. (Mat 1A; Still No. 1322) Glenn Ford stars with Stella Stevens and in "Rage,'' new Columbia Pictures release in Eastman color. Ford plays a doctor in an isolated Mexican construction camp. Hitler’s personal annihilation list. He saw the order, itself, during a visit to Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force after the war. The dictator’s antipathy stemmed from Glenn’s appearance in the first anti-Nazi movie, “So Ends Our Night,” four years before the U.S. entered the conflict. Ford was one of the first into Dachau extermination camp in Germany following its liberation, and the movies he took were used as evidence at the Nuremberg war criminal trials. (Mat 1B; Still No. RP377) Stella Stevens stars with Glenn Ford and David Raynoso in ''Rage,'' new Columbia Pictures release in Eastman color. She appears as an entertainer who visits a Mexican construction camp where she finds Ford. “Advance to the Rear.” Miss Stevens’ burgeoning career was given another powerful boost upwards when she was set by Columbia to star with Dean Martin in “The Silencers.” A native of Hot Coffee, Mississippi, Miss Stevens attended Memphis State University, where she began her dramatic training, and appeared in many local plays at Southwestern University and at Memphis State. Mr. Versatile To that select international group of “triple-threat” motion picture talents can now be added the name of Mexico’s Gilberto Gazcon. Not only did Gazcon produce and direct Glenn Ford and Stella Stevens in “Rage,” the Columbia Pictures release at the erm or ee Theatre in Eastman color, but he also is credited with writing the screenplay in collaboration with Teddi Sherman and Fernando Mendez after first supplying the original story which he wrote with Jesus Velazquez and Guillermo Hernandez. THE CAST Reon nn leo ack. Aer et Rt, eran ae Glenn Ford i METRE APA TIRPIRRE R Sey eerie © LEN Senge an oA bet a eA Stella Stevens PIMNNO cick bce harder aR ee «eg eet ete a as David Reynoso WINER SE os os cghesce SEE oan a Reg a ARTE SPM TEs aM wale ie: ty AR pad Armando Silvestre Bienes 28 Rae oh Ae a i eee, namin oie Nm Ene sy. RAM dial Ariadna Welter Sea RO RR A ce Fen toe te Eo i eRe Jose Elias Moreno WManarsst). Gara aia: ede eS Oe eee ent is aaa Dacia Gonzalez be Mean sac ae Bei a. ts cee ae oe eae ra ne os aa Pancho Cordova TAS Og asescccaste cinciget nko MORE Net CPN tea oun Son I arene See Oe Susana Cabrera Bins Deivid iesissids pce is Ca RAs se Re re eet David Silver Pe Se Rates cet ln iy eee ghee Re Pa tami Teo 2 Quintin Bulnes OSE: 66 cdipsn 420k gag bade snes ++; Be eee Se ena ce eee = Tecan amma Sit Valentin Trujillo THE GREDITS Produced anc Direated by. co.cc ccc. ccccesnc-cost-syrcp tegsesccctenors cleadstenesctsatlosgnnpa Gilberto Gazcon Screenplay by 00.00.00... eects Teddi Sherman, Gilberto Gazcon, Fernando Mendez CON fe co gtidae: sitigs ofascodins Jesus Velasquez, Guillermo Hernandez, Gilberto Gazcon DIF GEHON OL HI OPOGRODIY. Aaaidesareccccsnv oe sdcandh nae pasuaipdgesne nite anes cass Rosalio Solano Music Composed and Conducted by Gustavo Cesar Carreon Performed by Musicians of Filarmonicos Del S.T.P.C. De La R. M. Princ Edibers hai uiite tion. :. 2) aeihie Ramee Be ae poate Carlos Savage, Walter Thompson SSIS 2 Re i aS ul NOR ec iets ita Rey BRUNT a SID Sigfrido Garcia Souda Ettecis OnOh a hs-: siectiotisc laid Sac nuh. { de canoes. Rees hen gation & Jose Li 'Ho MODE ETOR ee ey, ab ee ee OE Ramon Rodriguez G. AIRE: STOV OOS OPEMEOS orgs wr ether eos inc adie etna es So ened Mario Huarte PIA SIWNAS heeled ed, od oi teks es Aah oe cage. eas Dorothy White, Guadulupe Gorraez Ascistant: Directors. 68 5 1Pea re San Se eae ORS Se ee Jesus Marin Pre TOM NVAATIRT 5.2. Sen onan vay 809oos ey eset ia by «oa geet ee eee Jorge Cardena DIMIORGO A COACROS: 66.8 .oi5docawly-celadd Atensimata Bae ee ee Harold Clifton, Stim Segar Soret Siipetviser 202 ath eae es Rae SS eh Eo ee Jose Luis Ortega Rl ANN ae Ngee eer cua 1 eg ane tg bbe gual maa a Luis Fernandez Perppaneiatt. argh Ai aa, dein, cae ada oS Poet... 045. 5, hho GR Galdino Samperio Goma Spey SI 2h GR He TR eee Ee ae James Fields Edgardo Gazcon Executive in charge of production for Sinematografica Jalisco, S.A. Produced in Association with Joseph M. Schenck Enterprises, Inc. Executive Producer Richard Goldstone Color by Pathe A Cinematografica Jalisco, S.A. Production A Columbia Pictures Release THE STORY (Not for Publication) Doc Reuben, an outcast, guilt-ridden doctor who believes himself responsible for the deaths of his wife and baby, goes through life in a drunken haze. He now is the only doctor at an isolated Mexican construction camp, and for miles around, and he regards with his usual indifference the arrival of Perla, a worldly-wise, well-used but still sensuous young woman who is one of several brought in to "entertain" the laborers. One of the workmen dies of hydrophobia when Reuben finds he has no serum; then Reuben discovers, to his own horror, that the pet dog which had bit him some time ago, also is rabid. With only 48 hours to reach a distant medical center before the deadly virus hits his brain, driving him uncontrollably mad, Reuben is forced by Pancho, a workman, to assist his wife who is in labor. Perla and Pancho then set off, with Reuben, on an odyssey beset by countless difficulties and obstacles. Although he has instructed Pancho to shoot him if the unrushing virus penetrates his brain, Reuben finds warmth and encouragement in Perla's own sure instincts for life. Their unorthodox love affair achieves a strange, equally unorthodox, culmination. Running Time: 103 minutes OFFICIAL BILLING COLUMBIA PICTURES 28% GLENN FORD ~— STELLA STEVENS DAVID REYNOSO 15% 100% RAG E 100% Produced and Directed by GILBERTO GAZCON 25% Screenplay by TEDDI SHERMAN, GILBERTO GAZCON 25% 7 and FERNANDO MENDEZ 25% Story by JESUS VELASQUEZ, GUILLERMO HERNANDEZ I5% and GILBERTO GAZCON 15% Executive Producer RICHARD GOLDSTONE 15% A CINEMATOGRAFICA JALISCO, S.A. PRODUCTION 10% EASTMAN COLOR 25% PRINTED IN U.S. A.