Rage (Columbia Pictures) (1966)

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GLENN FORD Glenn Ford is one of the most popular stars in motion pictures. Work the following to publicize his appearance in ''Rage." e Ford has appeared in over 65 films in his career. Have a deejay sponsor a contest in which guest tickets are awarded listeners sending in postcards with the greatest number of titles of Ford's previous films. e Guest admit the first ten or more local residents who can furnish proof their first names are Glenn. e A newspaper can run a contest offering guest ticket prizes to readers sending in on post cards the greatest number of words of four or more letters from the letters of Glenn Ford's name. MADE IN MEXICO "Rage" was filmed on location in Mexico, a fact that might cue a number of local pro motions plugging the picture and playdate. e Contact local travel agencies offering trips to South-of-the-Border locales. Go after window displays featuring posters, stills and complete credit cards. Borrow Mexico travel posters for theatre display with listing of cooperating agency names. e. Suggest window displays of Mexicantype fashions to department and specialty stores, with a background of picture posters, etc. e If there are any restaurants in town featuring Mexican foods or dishes have them feature a special menu in honor of the picture. Tortillas and frijoles are basic foods in Mexico and chile is an appropriate dish. e Via a boxed news story, or lobby board announcement posted in advance, offer guest admissions to the first ten patrons on line opening day wearing large Mexican sombreros. e The cast of the picture is mostly Mexican. Publicize this fact to the Mexican and Spanish-speaking residents in town through news stories and lobby bulletin board, with the message in Spanish. e Have a deejay tell listeners that a man from Mexico, straight from the scene of "Rage", will appear in town at specific points on certain days. He could be an usher, preferably in Western garb, carrying an old suitcase, or knapsack, bearing travel stickers from Mexico. The first ten or more persons identifying him as the man from "Rage" receive guest tickets. e Have a young man dressed in a Mexican costume, if available, or wearing blue jeans and a colorful jacket walk through town with a large sombrero hanging down his back. Imprint copy in bright letters on the sombrero's rim and crown: "See ‘Rage’, State Theatre.'' At other times, he could sit hunched against buildings in the business section, his head on his drawn knees in a sleeping pose, with his hat bearing the copy, on his head, visible to the passing public. 48 HOURS! An eye-catching lobby display can be based on the fact that the key story action of "Rage" takes place in a period of 48 hours, all the time Glenn Ford has to reach medical treatment after he is bitten by a dog with rabies. Build a 48-hour ''clock"’ in your lobby, surrounded by stills from the picture. Ribbons run from each still to one or another of the "hours" on the "clock face." Nearby sign carries credits, and a line like: ''We Had Only 48 Hours—to Live a Lifetime!" This ''48-hour" angle might also be used in a write-in contest: ''My Most Desperate (Romantic, Memorable, etc.) 48 Hours."' Guest ticket prizes for the most interesting 100word letters in each category, of course. Page 6 BATHING BEAUTY Lovely star Stella Stevens fills an oil barrel with water and enjoys a bath under primitive conditions in a scene in "Rage," as pictured in Still No. 1314. Enlarge and cut out the still for a lobby display: "This is Stella Stevens as Perla, the girl who knows all the answers! See Glenn Ford and Stella Stevens in 'Rage,' State Theatre." Plant the still, or enlarged cut-outs, in windows of stores selling bath supplies and offer to a local paper as a plug for health care. Try to duplicate the actual scene in your lobby, or a store window, using an attractive girl. SELLING AIDS TV SPOTS TV spots that tell—and sell—every viewing audience on the high drama and excitement of "Rage." Order the TV spots you want direct from your National Screen exchange. RADIO SPOTS A selection of spot announcements that sell the Glenn Ford-Stella Stevens conflict and the "Rage" entertainment, all open-end for the announcer to add theatre credits. Order from your National Screen Exchange. TELOPS Information about telops—style and prices —may be obtained direct from: QQ Title Card Co., 247 W. 46 St., N. Y., N. Y. 10036. NATIONAL FLAG DISPLAYS 3 pc. Streamer, $21.50; De Luxe Sectional Valance, $2.15 per running foot—minimum Length, 10 feet; Usher Badges, 50c; 9' x 12' Flags or Wall Banners, single-faced, $80., double-faced, $145. From National Screen. ACCESSORIES SIX SHEET » EIGHT 1icias TRAILER ONE SHEET © 40 x 60, 24 x 60, * RADIO SPOTS —24x 82. 30x 40 ¢ TV TRAILERS = 2_ STILL SETS (Color and B/W—Color, e 22 x 28 for lobby and store displays; B/W stills for newse SLIDE paper planting) ORDER FROM NATIONAL SCREEN STELLA STEVENS Stella Stevens, who co-stars with Glenn Ford in Rage," is one of several feminine motion picture stars whose first and last names begin with the letter ''S."" A deejay can adapt this for a contest in which listeners submit the names of the other stars on postcards with guest tickets to the picture awarded in a sweepstakes drawing. Among those having the letter for first and last names are: Sylvia Sidney, Simone Signoret, Susan Strasberg, Simone Simon. Another contest could be based on Miss Steven's first name, Stella. Advertise via a news story, lobby poster and deejay announcement that residents named Stella would be guest-admitted through the courtesy of the star. Stellas arriving at the boxoffice should have proof of their first names, of course. With the cooperation of a newspaper, or disc jockey, stage a ‘‘look-alike'’ contest in the lobby or the stage of the theatre with winner and runners-up receiving promoted prizes and guest tickets to the show. The winner could also represent Miss Stevens at newspapers, radio and TV stations, etc. TITLE STUNTS "Rage" is a simple, memorable film title. Give it as much promotion attention as possible! Here's how: e Send out, as a street bally, four girls uniformly and attractively garbed, each wearing or carrying a sign with one letter of the film's title. Under the "R", in smaller type, might be "Glenn Ford"; under "A", "Stella Stevens''; under the "G" "State Theatre,’ and under the "E", the word "Now," or your playdate credits. Girls walk in correct single file, of course, or four abreast. e Have a deejay walk through town and ask passers-by to name three or more words containing the letters of the picture title, "Rage", in the same sequence. Those answering quickly receive guest tickets to the picture. Examples: Coverage, outrage, forage, courage, disparage, garage, etc. e A newspaper editor or disc jockey can ask for postcards with other four-letter film titles such as "Gigi," "Hate," "Fury," "Rope," "Utah," "Five," "Taxi," "Zaza," etc. Lists of the most such titles might receive promoted merchandise or guest ticket prizes. STYLE SHEETS In several scenes in ''Rage,'' Stella Stevens’ costume consists solely of a bed sheet wrapped around her body. This can cue an interesting contest, worked with the cooperation of a local paper in which dressdesign students, seamstresses, etc., design dresses made from bed sheets. Models can wear the finished products in a fashion show on the theatre stage with prizes of promoted dress-making equipment and guest tickets awarded winners and runners-up. Stunt might be a major promotion of a department store handling floral, colored and patterned bed sheets, since these items lend themselves more effectively to garment design. Store might publicize its merchandise and the contest, via its advertising and a woman's television program, with credit going to Stella Stevens and the film. TRAFFIC TIE-UPS Work with your local traffic department, or the police, on a co-op promotion involving signs placed at prominent intersections around town, in parking lots, garages, etc. Copy could read: "Keep Cool in Traffic on the Way to See 'RAGE,' State Theatre."