Rage (Columbia Pictures) (1966)

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COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents GLENN FORD-STELLA STEVENS: DAVID REYNOSO 1 RAGE’ Produced and Directed by GILBERTO GAZCON Screenplay by TEODI SHERMAN. GILBERTO GAZCON and FERNANDO MENDEZ Story by JESUS VELASQUEZ, GUILLERMO HERNANDEZ and GILBERTO GAZCON Executive Producer RICHARD GOLDSTONE : A CINEMATOGRAFICA JALISCO, SA. PRODUCTION EASTMAN COLOR VAY SUGGESTED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES Gg IMPORTANT! Under the standards for advertising of the Code of Self-Regulation, Motion Picture Association of America, "Rage" is a film which must carry the line: “Suggested for Mature Audiences” This line appears in all advertising mats available from National Screen Service, which also has snipes for the posters. The reference is included in the radio spots and television trailers for the picture, as well as in the regular theatre trailer. IE a OS GROG TEMES, hy rR AE agg IT Ad No. 303—282 Lines—3 Cols. x 634 Inches Also Available as Ad No. 404—500 Lines—4 Cols. x 9 Inches Ding anc arg GO tI OR, OCT AE GT CIT EE NE AO A ET ee Ad No. 204—252 Lines—2 Cols. x 9 Inches Po ee An POG AO Eg OO af OTE TL CTT AE Se POE pr ae | rane Utility Mat No. 1 Ad No. 101 Ad No. 102 Ad No. 103 Ad No. 201 Ad No. 202 Ad No. 203 Publicity 1-C e Publicity 2-B Peg A EI AP FO AOR yr OR LEE AE ERED ef TOE 9A SA PO ey AOD AR A a STE rere Ree All advertising in this pressbook, as well as all other advertising and publicity materials referred to therein, has been approved under the Standards for Advertising of the Code of Self-Regulation of the Motion Picture Association of America. All inquiries on this procedure may be addressed to: Director of Code for Advertising, Motion Picture Association of America, 522 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. 10036. THE STORY OF TWO PEOPLE BOUND BY | VIOLENCE TO SOMETHING CLOSER THAN LOVE! COLUMBIA PICTURES presents GLENN FORD STELLA STEVENS DAVID REYNOSO = — OE’ > Produced and Directed by G | LB E RTO GAZC 0 N screenplay ty TEDDI SHERMAN, GILBERTO GAZCON aw FERNANDO MENDEZ Story-by JESUS VELASQUEZ, GUILLERMO HERNANDEZ and GILBERTO GAZCON Executive Producer RICHARD GOLDSTONE a cinemarocrarica JALISCO, S.A PRODUCTION EASTM AN COLOR SUGGESTED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES