Rage (Columbia Pictures) (1966)

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A man running out of time... A woman running out of men... A town running with rage! COLUMBIA PICTURES present GLENN STELLA FORD STEVENS Produced and Directed by G | LBERTO GAZC 0 N screenplay ty TEDD| SHERMAN, GILBERTO GAZCON ana FERNANDO MENDEZ Story by JESUS VELASQUEZ, GUILLERMO HERNANDEZ and GILBERTO GAZCON Executive Producer RICHARD GOLDSTONE | acinematocrarica sauisco, s.A. PRODUCTION. SUGGESTED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES EASTMAN COLOR Ad No. 402—452 Lines (including imprint space) —4 Cols. x 8 Inches Also Available as Ad No. 501—620 Lines—5 Cols. x 834 Inches ee a, T—C—~—se=E=E*E"E"L.,_ —__=_=_"E nas ___NO FURY _ LIKE THE FURY OFA WOMAN'S COLUMBIA PICTURES Presents . GLENN FORD STELLA STEVENS DAVID REYNOSO ‘RAGE’ Produced and Directed by G | LB E RTO GAZC 0 N screenplay by TED DI SHERMAN, GILBERTO GAZCON and FERNANDO MENDEZ stoy oy Jesus VELASQUEZ, GUILLERMO HERNANDEZ and GILBERTO GAZCON Executive Producer RICHARD GOLDSTONE Acinematocaarica satisco, s PRODUCTION EASTMAN coLor (:, Sons Ad No. 203—168 Lines—2 Cols. x 6 Inches pyright © 1966, Columbia Pictures Corporation, All Rights Reserved.