Lost Command (Columbia Pictures) (1968)

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—aaeaeaeeeeeeaeeeeeeeeE———x—_{—?—__[_[_[=[=[[===___ Four Television Featurettes! Available for use in your television promotion of "Lost Command" are four |6mm, black white featurettes: @ “An Actor's Life for Me” @ “How to Kiss a Girl” @ “Claudia Cardinale Talks to George Segal” @ Mark Robson Featurette, “The Un-Split Second” Order featurettes direct from Exploitation Department, Columbia Pictures Corp., 711 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. 10022, giving names of TV personalities and addresses of stations you want to receive them. Featurettes will be shipped from New York. Personality Interviews for Radio Campaign! Anthony Quinn! Claudia Cardinale! Alain Delon! Producer-Director Mark Robson! George Segal! All available on a single disc, with mimeographed script. Order from Columbia Exchange! Parachute Angles Anthony Quinn is the commander of a paratrooper unit in "Lost Command" and his men are seen jumping into action in several scenes in the picture. Play up the parachute jumping angle in your local exploitation. e Through local American Legion Posts, or an Army camp in your area, locate former paratroopers. Arrange for them to be interviewed on their war-time experiences and have them attend the opening night of the picture, as guests of honor, wearing their uniforms. e Through the Legion and army camp, borrow the equipment carried by a paratrooper when he jumps into action. It will make an interesting display in a prominent store window, with picture stills and credits, or as a lobby exhibit at the theatre. e If a jump isn't possible in your situation, locate a resident who can pack a parachute, to give a demonstration of the art in your lobby or on a local TV show, with, of course, complete credits. Physical Fitness Anthony Quinn, as commander of a crack French Army paratroop unit, uses a tough course to help build battle readiness. In line with the President's Physical Fitness campaign, ask the local school and college athletic directors to stage a similar obstacle run for members of the physical education classes. Another idea would be to have a chinning bar set up in the theatre lobby and find the local chinning champs in several age groups, with prizes to winners. Schools could compete with their star chinners. Arrange for newspaper photo coverage of the stunt. Paratrooper Berets Red berets, similar to those worn by the paratroopers in ''Lost Command," are available for promoting the picture via sales to patrons, as gifts to VIP's, awards in contests, etc. They are priced at $16.75 per dozen and payment must be included when ordering from: Mr. Edward Stern,E. Stern & Co., 1333 Broadway, N.Y., N. Y. 10018 Tel. (212) LO 3-0950 Three Continents! ‘Lost Command" takes place on three continents — Asia, with the battle of Dien Bien Phu recreated in the film; Europe, to which Anthony Quinn and his company return, and Africa, specifically, Algeria. This "three continent'’ approach might be used in a variety of showmanship ways: e Find a localite who, also, has fought on three continents... or even, has visited them. @ Work with merchants, service agencies and stores on displays, co-op newspaper ads, etc., along the lines of: ''Gourmet Foods From the Three Continents of ‘Lost Command’ "' and "Travel to the Three Continents of ‘Lost Command.’ " @ Setup a blown-up lobby map of the world, with France, Algeria and Indo-China indicated by ribbons which lead to appropriate stills from the picture. Over-all line might read: "Love, Action, Adventure on Three Continents With 'Lost Command’ Paratroopers."' News Clips Work with local newspaper promotion manager on a display — for use in your lobby, in hotels, terminals, etc. — which makes use of stills from the picture and poster art, along with blow-ups of that newspaper's headlines and stories about the French in Indo-China (especially, Dien Bien Phu!) and Algeria. A general headline might be along the lines of: "For World-Wide Coverage, the Express . . . For World-Wide Entertainment, the State!" iss ttind Anthany Caan hehind those Fuster Granite Foster Sunglasses Anthony Quinn models six different pairs of Foster Grant sunglasses in a full-page, fullcolor magazine advertisement in Life and Look magazines and other major publications. Work with the Foster distributor in your area and arrange window and in-store displays featuring the glasses and plugging Quinn's starring role in ‘Lost Command." Parachute Decor Toy paper parachutes, with cardboard figures attached, may be purchased inexpensively and in quantity from local novelty and toy stores. e Suspend a number of the parachutes from your foyer ceiling and the marquee. e Plant a notice in a local paper, or use an insert in the opening day ad, calling attention to the parachute drop to be made from your town's tallest building, with some of the ‘chutes bearing guest tickets to the picture. Stunt might also be worked with a radio or TV personality. e Youngsters in town can compete in a toy parachute-making contest. Street Bally The best street bally would be a man wearing a paratrooper's uniform, complete with parachute pack and a red beret, who also visits media offices. The Big Jump for ‘Lost Command’! Here's how ''Lost Command" was promoted in Cleveland. You can do the same! With the cooperation of a local airport and authority for the stunt granted by the Mayor, two teams of local parachutists competed in a jumping contest that attracted wide-spread attention to the film and its playdate. First, the title of the picture was printed in 10-foot letters across the airfield, using white water colors, and red circles were painted in the letter ''O"' in each of the words. Two teams of three men each, then jumped in turn, with the ones landing closest to the target letters winning the competition. Prizes of $50 Savings Bonds were awarded the individual winner and to the winning team. In addition to full newspaper coverage, a local radio station broadcast the event. If there are any parachute-jumping clubs or groups in your area, get their cooperation in staging similar jumping exhibitions in honor of "Lost Command." Be sure to alert all newspapers, radio and TV stations to cover the event.