Lost Command (Columbia Pictures) (1968)

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@aw» Paperback Distributors Alerted SEAR LRN a Gharingy Wwhensadeenah bevkaetier,, Swe To ‘Lost Command!’ Playdates In addition to the point-of-sale material plugging both picture and Avon paperback reprint, International Circulation Distributors—handling ''Lost Command" in book outlets across the : \ country—is keeping its agencies advised of playdates, and is urging its dealers to work closely AGetuwbis Petures release i : with showmen in local book-film promotion wherever possible. Following is a listing of major : acon a eae Avon distributors; get in touch with the distributor nearest you, NOW. MR. AL MAHANNAH, MGR. MR. E. J. KOCH MR. IRVING E. ERTIS MR. FRANK B. ALBRO STRONG'S NEWS AGENCY KOCH NEWS COMPANY PACIFIC NEWS CO., INC. OKLA CITY NEWS AGENCY 2921 W. OSBORN RD. 2120 SO. MERIDIAN ST. 103 EMPIRE BLVD. BOX 985 PHOENIX 17, ARIZ. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 46225 BROOKLYN 25, N. Y. OKLAHOMA CITY 1, OKLA. MR. C. E. HOBBIS, Gen. Mgr. MR. W. H. PALMER MR. JOS. WEINSTEIN MR. GLENN WHITE, MGR. INTER CITY MAGAZINE PALMER NEWS CO, INC. — SELJAN NEWS CO. OKLAHOMA NEWS CO. 2970 NO. ONTARIO ST. BOX 1400 34 NORMAN AVE. 909 W. 23rd ST. BURBANK 4, CALIF. TOPEKA 1, KANS. BROOKLYN 22, N. Y. TULSA, OKLA. 74107 VAN DYKE NEWS CO. MR. SAM SHERR MR. S. L. NICHOLS, gen. mgr. MR. NORMAN BAY MR. WILLIAM R VAN DYKE THE M-S NEWS CO., INC. MANHATTAN NEWS CO. F N BAY NEWS CO 5671 E. FOUNTAIN WAY BOX 3165 627 W. 42nd ST. 3155 N.W. YEON FRESNO 27, CALIF. WASHINGTON ST. STATION NEW YORK, N. Y. 10036 PORTLAND 10, OREG. MR. ROBERT TENSCHER WICHITA 2, KANS. MR. WM. J. FELLO, Pres. MR. H. J. OLBRICH WESTERN NEWS SUPPLY CO. MR. GLEN MURPHY EAST ISLAND NEWS CO. UNITED NEWS CO. 461 NO. WEBER ST. KENTUCKY NEWS CO. 601 CALEBS PATH 850 E, LUZERNE ST. FRESNO, CALIF. 93707 BOX 4146 BAXTER AVE. STA. HAUPPAUGE 88, L. I., N. Y. PHILA. 24, PA. MR. JACK DROWN eT ae: MR. MEL GOLDBERG, Mgr. NORTHEAST NEWS CO., Inc. DROWN NEWS AGENCY MR. M. T. ROUFA G & S NEWS CO., INC. 1309 HADTNER ST. 9531 E: 67 ST. LOUISIANA NEWS CO, 115 FROST ST. WILLIAMSPORT, PA. 17706 LONG BEACH S CALIF. BOX HIE a de OESTBURE GD bel iN Md tts ae vepiereany pie MR. J. KATZEV LA. MR. LEON MOHILL MAX SILVERSTEIN & SON SUNSET NEWS CO. MR. MELVIN TROSCH HAMILTON NEWS CO. BOX 6527 i25 No. WESTMORELAND Ay, MARYLAND NEWS CO. 52 DONGAN AVE. PROVIDENCE, R. |. 02904 LOS ANGELES 4, CALIF. eee # a ALBANY I, N. Y. fA eee MR. C, S. BENNETTS ener MR. A. M. PIERSON THE EDWARDS NEWS CO. GILBOY AGENCY MR. H. GAVIN 76 LEWIS ST. 1101 FRANKLIN AVE, 2400 FILBERT ST. GREATER BOSTON DIST. BINGHAMTON 2, N. Y. BEAUMONT 1, TEX. Cake Des SAL. Seen oie MR. ROBERT SCHEUR MR. K. T. MARTIN, JR. MR. JACK MERRILL MGR. : 4 EMPIRE STATE NEWS CORP. MARTIN NEWS AGENCY ARROWHEAD MAG. CO. MR. IVAN LUDINGTON 77 ©. EAGLE: ST. 2505 HOLMES ST. 755 SO. LUGO AVE. LUDINGTON NEWS CO. BUFFALO, N. Y. 14203 DALLAS 15, TEX. 6 oe toes alana 8 Ree ee MR. JOE T. RAPONE, MGR. MR. H. SANDOVAL, JR. MANSON NEWS DISTR., INC. SANDOVAL NEWS SERV. Inc. MR. ART JACOBS Gen. Mgr. MELVIN A ST. MARIE 634 SOUTH AVE. BOX 9338 HOPKINS NEWS AGENCY _ ST. MARIE'S GOPHER ROCHESTER 20, N. Y. “* PASO, TEX. 79984 EW _ INC, ie ee CALIF ny Peat AVE Fea SA Senta MR. LOUIS PAGE MINNEAPOLIS 4, MINN pee es See VIE TRINITY NEWS CO. MR. W. J. SEELY ; 7-9 FIRST ST. 1320-24 W. BROADWAY GOLDEN GATE MAG. CO. MR. HARRY KUBA, MGR. UTICA I, N. Y. FORT WORTH 4, TEX. or hes dE GALS NAS oer mown, ue nt ocr "4231 E. 75th TERRACE MR. TIM BRASWELL, MGR. HARRIS COUNTY NEWS CO. MRIMR: DOA MILLIGAN — Vancac cry ao MO DIXIE NEWS CO. BOX 9447 The Book MILLIGAN NEWS CO, INC, allied: BOX 8167 HOUSTON II, TEX. 150 NO. AUTUMN ST. MR. JEROME MOLASKY CHARLOTTE I, N. C. MR. S. A. WEINER SAN JOSE 10, CALIF. PIERCE NEWS CO, MR. FRANK E. POTTS INER N i. Ah ‘ ; WEINER NEWS COMPANY Lost Command" is based on the internaPay. Sener 7405 PAGE CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY BOX 1093 tional best-seller, "The Centurions,"’ which PENINSULA NEWS CO. ST. LOUIS 33, MO. 45 NO. SUMMIT ST. SAN ANTONIO, TEX. 78212 : : 1944 LESLIE AVE A 8, OHIO famous Prix Eve Delacroix MR. D. F. ODORISIO MR. E. L. MADSEN oon awarded the OO tee x SAN MATEO 2, CALIF. ERIC NELSON NEWS Co., Inc. MR. G. ROBERT KLEIN BONNEVILLE NEWS CO. Prize on its publication and has sold almost MR. J. H. MORTON BOX 248 GEORGE R. KLEIN NEWS Co. 965 BEARDSLEY PL. 5,000,000 copies. The soft-cover edition of MORTON .NEWS:CO. OMEOA | NEBR: uae ea : SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 84119 : : . 3601 E. 46 AVE EVELA 14, OHIO . . L. VAUGHON SWAMIRAK, MR. FRED PETERS the paperback features the picture title DENVER 16, COLO. Gilson Ciry NEwsouene: ME. UL. MARSHALL Bag is csr SEE and film pictorial representation on the cover MR. A. KOPPLEMANN 1305 PATERSON PLANK RD. J. L. ee 9 SO. HARVIE ST. : 140 VAN BLOCK AVE. NORTH BERGEN, N. J. 07047. 4957 RICHMOND, VA. 23220 plus full credits on the back. Avon has HARTFORD |, CONN. CINCINNATI 32, OHIO ; . . MR. GEORGE BRAUNINGER MR. R. F. LINDEN launched an extensive promotion campaign, MR. STANLEY BUDNER peutic A NEaS iy MR. LOWELL FROST NORTHWEST MAG. DIST. Co. starting with a front page ad on the BestDELMAR NEWS AGENCY Inc. pox 438 SCOTT KRAUSS NEWS Agty. (5559: Ist AVE. SO: sellers Magazine, trade paper of the paperWILMINGTON 99, DEL. Pinte COLUMBUS, OHIO 43212 back book industry. Work with the Avon MRS. Wo WILUIANS, Man Geep ore @ mere MR. DAVID RUBIN Soh tert Piha as DIST. NEWS CO. INC. BECK NEWS AGENCY MIAMI VALLEY NEWS Agey, PUBLISHERS DIST. representative in your area. P. O. BOX 1340 oy Gib SRO eI 3627 FIRST AVE. SO. P Ben AOS ALBUQUERQUE 3, N. MEX. 4/0 salads SEATTLE, WASH. 98134 e Make up a book mark, using a one eRe TON B.C. 20083 aed se SOR ORNS eat | A with"Read4h 'B eer MR. EARL McALEER, MGR. MR. STANLEY GOLDBERG MR. RICHARD STOLL MR. EARL KEENAN column ad, wi SBE {Oe BOs SER Ne DADE COUNTY BRONX COUNTY NEWS CO. BUCKEYE NEWS CO. KEENAN NEWS AGENCY Movie" copy for general distribution. NEWSDLRS, SUPPLY Co. 2227 WEBSTER AVE. 2021 ADAMS 1244 NO. ATLANTIC Have merchant's ad imprinted on reverse. BOX 155 BISCAYNE ANNEX BRONX, N. Y. 10457 TOLEDO 24, OHIO SPOKANE, WASH 99201 e Work with Avon rep for windows, ieee laste! MR. BEN FRIEZNER M. F. J. KUNC EDWIN J. SCHNEEBECK ; : AFFILIATED BOOK DIST. BROOKLYN NEWS CO., INC. EVEREST NEWS CO. SCHEEBECK NEWS AGENCY counter, in-store displays with scene 415 NO. WOLF RD., INC. ONE AVE, M BOX 985 1020 SO. 17th ST. stills and picture-playdate credits. WHEELING, ILL, 60090 BROOKLYN 30, N. Y. OKLAHOMA CITY I, OKLA. TACOMA, WASH 98405 e Separate pages of a book, imprint full credits and distribute as throwaway. Display Material Scaling the Shown at right, the two-color, 9" x 18" WinATE | eS ducking ote Prom the haan dow Streamer plugging both picture and . : book, and distributed across the country for use wherever paperbacks are sold. Also distributed widely is the two-color Rack Card, also plugging both book and picture. Both Avon display items have room for theatre imprint, and a limited quantity of each is available by writing direct to: Exploitation Department, Columbia Pictures Corp., 71 | Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 10022. — PM rom the Baondocks of 3 Be romparte of Bofors § 7 Page 8